TARDIS Bird Feeder

Make your own TARDIS bird feeder! A fun little craft you can do with kids, plus Matt Smith helps with the instructions, which is always fun:

The Pond Life Omnibus

In case you missed this, it needs to be watched.

Happy 30th Matt Smith!

Matt Smith turned 30 today, so Happy Birthday!!

The crew surprised him with a TARDIS cake while wearing some masks:

TARDIS Costume?

This costume might be a little difficult to walk around in

Tardis on Head

Another Dalek Dress

This is another idea for a Dalek dress.  I wasn’t planning to dress up this year, but… hmmmmm….

Dalek Dress


When I die, put me in this.  On a side note, the story in this link makes me think this guy was a lot of fun.  I don’t like funerals either, but if you must have one, this is definitely the one to have.


Coolest Pumpkin Ever

This is an awesome pumpkin! I just wish I had this kind of talent 🙂

Pumpkin Dalek


I laughed for waaaay too long at this:

Make a Dalek Dress

In our run up to Halloween, here’s how to whip up a quick Dalek dress.  Assuming of course that you’re crafty (ish) and that wearting a dress is something you want to be doing,

How to Dress Like Donna Noble

Last one… For now, anyway.  Donna Noble should be an easy costume idea, especially if you have a wedding dress kicking around.  Though, that would probably work for Amy too… But I digress… So here’s the link!