I laughed for waaaay too long at this:

Make a Dalek Dress

In our run up to Halloween, here’s how to whip up a quick Dalek dress.  Assuming of course that you’re crafty (ish) and that wearting a dress is something you want to be doing,

How to Dress Like Donna Noble

Last one… For now, anyway.  Donna Noble should be an easy costume idea, especially if you have a wedding dress kicking around.  Though, that would probably work for Amy too… But I digress… So here’s the link!

How to Dress Like Martha Jones

Since we’re giving instructions on dressing like companions… Martha, Martha, Martha…  Hers should be another fairly simple costume.

How to Dress Like Rose Tyler

Rose was so popular so I thought I’d include a link to how to dress like her:

How to Dress Like Captain Jack Harkness

I love Jack.  Really, he’s just awesome.  Torwood was great until… You know what?  Not the post for that one 🙂

In the meantime, feel free to dress like Jack!:

How to Dress Like River Song

River Song has some ugly clothes… But if you’d like to dress like her, BBC does have instructions!