Birthday Cake

For my birthday this year I had this made for me!  Awesome, isn’t it?


I also got one of THESE as a gift (it’s a license plate cover).  That’s not all, but I don’t yet have photos for the rest.  Coming soon 🙂

A Whole New Whoville

I meant to get this up before Christmas, but life got in the way:


The Snowmen Christmas Special


Don’t read any farther if you haven’t watched the episode yet!


Okay, now that THAT’s out of the way, here we go 🙂

A new episode with a new companion, a new opening sequence and a new TARDIS interior!  Oh My!  Well what did you think?

First thing’s first.  I don’t know what to think of the new TARDIS interior.  Of course I want to like it, as I like everything whovian.  However, it seems very spacy.  I mean, this is a contraption that’s old and barely working.  It’s been sitting in the “clouds” so long now that the paint is starting to peel off, but we’re supposed to believe that the Doctor has been tinkering away at the inside to make it look all new?  But he left the outside to rot?  Maybe it’s because he spent most of his time inside, but the glimpse we saw made it appear that he just sits inside brooding.  Call me picky, but this bit bugged me a little.

I do like the nod back to the Ponds.  What else would motivate him to snap out of his funk to help someone?

I also really liked the way they re-introduced Jenna-Louise Coleman.  There was no trying to hide that she’d been on the show previously.  Instead, they wrote it in as a plot twist and gave her a separate story line.  A nice little nod that the viewers aren’t stupid and would pick up on seeing her before.

Overall I liked the episode as I almost always do.  It’s always fun to see returning characters and meet new ones.  Plus, the Doctor is always better with a companion.  The show would get pretty boring without one.

On a side note, I received all kinds of whovian gifts for my birthday and Christmas this year.  When I get a chance I’ll pop up a few photos for your enjoyment.  As usual, I’m short on time so it could take me a while to get around to it.

In the meantime, what were your thoughts on this year’s Christmas special?

TARDIS Apron and Cool Cookies

You just need to check out the cool cookies and TARDIS apron that Bakingdom made!

Ice Fishing Shack

I’m not a big fan of the outdoors, but this is a pretty cool ice shack:

Ice Shack

Doctor Who Cupcakes

The Regali Kitchen has made some pretty cool Doctor Who Cupcakes.  I could be wrong, but it appears that the tops have been made out of fondant.  Very impressive!


2012 Christmas Special Teaser Gallery

The fine folks over at the BBC have released a teaser gallery for the Christmas special.  With just two weeks left to go, it seems to me that we should all check it out!

Doctor Who Gift Guide

I know I haven’t been posting lately and I’m sorry for that.  Work has been taking up even more time than normal, and that doesn’t leave me much time for searching.  Today, though, it’s the Gift Guide that just needs to be shared.  Can I have several of each, please?