50th Anniversary Silver Coin

To celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, BBC and the New Zealand mint are putting out a special edition 50th anniversary silver coin.  It’s going to be legal tender and they’re making 10, 000 of them.  I WANT ONE OF THESE!!!!!  This is fabulous!


BBC America William Hartnell

BBC America is putting out an article on each of the Doctors between now and the 50th anniversary.  The first installment is on William Hartnell.  There’s even a video included at the bottom.

Check it out by clicking here!

50th Anniversary Clip Video

50th Anniversary clip videos are showing up everywhere!  This one I like:

Classic Aztecs and 50th Special

BBC America will be airing “The Aztecs” on January 27th.  Don’t forget to watch!

William Hartnell was my second experience with “Classic Who”.  (I started with Tom Baker and loved him!)  He always struck me as a little off, as if he’d actually forgotten his line and they just didn’t do a retake.  As I learned later, this was actually the case.

There’s an article suggesting that all of the Doctors (actors) will be together in one episode to celebrate the 50th anniversary.  Although intriguing, I’m not sure how legit this is.  Soooo, I’ll link to the article and let you decide for yourself:

TARDIS Cat Condo

Who wouldn’t want a TARDIS kitty condo?  I was searching for ideas to make my own cat condo and found this:


Grumpy Cat