New Teasers For “The Bells Of Saint John”

He’s BACK!  And even better, he’s back in full Doctor form:

Almost Friday

Tomorrow is Friday!


28 Reasons The Doctor Would Make A Bad Boyfriend

Buzzfeed has listed the 28 reasons the Doctor would make a bad boyfriend.  The counting may be a little off and they aren’t all reasons, but… well… it’s true:

Screening of new Doctor Who


My TV was on as background noise a few minutes ago when I heard a familiar voice.  No, it couldn’t be… so I hit Google and there it was: John Barrowman is on Arrow.


Pop Up Blocker

Pop Up Blocker

Pop Up Blocker 2


London Mapping

Jonn at Londonist has gone to all the trouble of mapping out all of the interactions with the Doctor in and around London by actor.  He’s been there even more than I thought.

Have a look here:

Doctors 2013

Marshmallow Adipose

If you’re having an Easter gathering you may want to make some Marshmallow Adipose.  Click the photo for a bigger picture:

Marshmallow Adipose