50th Anniversary Photo

I’m not sure what day of filming this is from, but apparently it’s from the 50th anniversary special.  I can see that with Smith, but Tennant’s hair doesn’t look right.  Either way, I’m so excited right now it’s not even okay!




New Executive Producer

Brian Minchin has been confirmed as the new executive producer of Doctor Who.  My understanding is that he’ll be working along side Moffat.

“The Crimson Horror” Photos

Finally we see some photos of “The Crimson Horror” with Clara actually in them!  I don’t see any obviously bright red this time either, although in one of the pictures it looks that way.  In another it doesn’t, so I think it may just be the light.  We’ll see I guess.

The Crimson Horror

Gallifrey, For Real?

NASA is confirming a Gallifrey type planet actually existing.  Hmmmm my mind wanders…

Read about it HERE

Ducktor Who

Interesting find:

Ducktor Who

Twilight Vs. Doctor Who

Bet you know who wins!

Twighlight Vs Doctor


“The Crimson Horror” Trailer

Next on Doctor Who… Strax is back!  Seriously, though, do you actually see Clara in the preview?

Behind The Scenes Of “Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS”

I love in this video when Smith is talking about how he’s broken things.  Sometimes I think I’d like to watch an episode being filmed, but then I think it might take the magic out of it.

“Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS” Review

I FINALLY got to watch the new episode.

As usual, spoiler alert!  It is a REVIEW, after all…

From the start “Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS” (turns out it’s spelled Centre… huh…) has a whole different feel to it than “Hide” did.  It’s nice to see the tone of the show changing between episodes, and it reminds me a lot of the original series this way.

The first thing that struck me when I saw the Doctor and Clara was “Again.  She’s wearing red again.”  What is it with her and red?  It has to be a clue to something.  I mean, there aren’t a whole lot of coincidences n this show…  Speaking of which, Jenna-Louise Coleman has let it slip that she now knows why Clara’s birthday is on the date it is, and has promised we’ll know very soon.

Right, the episode, back to that.

Did you notice the key in the control panel?  Immediately after Clara said “Because I’m a girl” and the Doctor got the foolish smile on his face?  It said “Smiths” on it!  And then they were grabbed with a big ol’ magneto beam and all of this before the credits.

Starting out all right.

Really though, I had a moment of giddy even before we saw the opening sequence.  That’s usually a good sign.

This time it’s not so much the companion wandering off as the companion getting… separated?  Sure, we’ll go with that.  Not her fault, which we’re definitely not used to, as far as companions go.  But when we first see her she’s lying under a chunk of debris.  I’m not entirely confident she’d have been able to get that off of herself (assuming normal human girl here), and I’m suspecting in real life she’d at least have a few more scratches and dents, but we’ll let that one go for now.  After all, it’s not like she came out completely unscathed.  I noticed something odd here about the burn pattern, and again more clearly when they showed her hand later… Did anyone else notice?

What’s the first thing she does?  Doesn’t follow the warning light and totally opens a door she shouldn’t.  NOW we’re back to classic companion behaviour!

Speaking of classic behaviour, “Don’t get into a ship with a madman”.  I’m back to giddy.

My hope with this episode was that we’d actually get to see more of the TARDIS interior.  I wasn’t all that impressed.  Since it can be redecorated at will it wouldn’t matter how much we saw because it could change at any time.  Lots of rooms we only saw glimpses of, and it’s all rooms we’d heard mentioned in past episodes, like the pool and the library (oh and what a LIBRARY).  The power source of the TARDIS, however, was epic like I’d hoped, so overall I was happy.

The first room we saw looked like storage.  River’s crib, TARDIS toy, assorted junk on shelves… and of course something living.  I remember episodes from way back where the Doctor had brought dangerous beings on board to be locked up for the safety of the universe, and bits and pieces started coming back to me.  After all, it’s been years since I’ve seen some episodes.  I really need to go back and watch them again…

I also found myself giddy (there’s that word again) when I saw the book on the history of the time war.  And liquid encyclopaedias? Oooooo I love it!

Okay, so the lets-rescue-Clara bit felt a little rushed, but I was interrupted less than 15 minutes into the episode, so I’m not sure if that was just me.  I had to watch the rest of the episode 5 to 10 minutes at a time, which made it difficult to clearly pay attention.

The oh-no-we’re-all-gonna-die bit it familiar like a warm blanket.  Time for the Doctor to do what the Doctor does best.  But oh, wait, surprise, surprise, the companion gets herself separated again.  This time there’s a purpose though.  Again to show the hand and to give them a chance to set up the time rupture.  Of course there’s also more running…

Everything winds up in a nice neat wrapped up package, but not before the mentioning of all kinds of fun stuff like Clara’s death and the name of the Doctor (not the actual name of course).  Overall I enjoyed the episode, and between interruptions I felt it was paced rather well.  Now when everything is all said and done nobody is supposed to remember anything, but at the end of the episode things have changed between the brothers.

And Clara’s no longer wearing red.