50th Anniversary Photo

I’m not sure what day of filming this is from, but apparently it’s from the 50th anniversary special.  I can see that with Smith, but Tennant’s hair doesn’t look right.  Either way, I’m so excited right now it’s not even okay!




New Executive Producer

Brian Minchin has been confirmed as the new executive producer of Doctor Who.  My understanding is that he’ll be working along side Moffat.

“The Crimson Horror” Photos

Finally we see some photos of “The Crimson Horror” with Clara actually in them!  I don’t see any obviously bright red this time either, although in one of the pictures it looks that way.  In another it doesn’t, so I think it may just be the light.  We’ll see I guess.

The Crimson Horror

Gallifrey, For Real?

NASA is confirming a Gallifrey type planet actually existing.  Hmmmm my mind wanders…

Read about it HERE

Ducktor Who

Interesting find:

Ducktor Who

Twilight Vs. Doctor Who

Bet you know who wins!

Twighlight Vs Doctor