To The People Of Boston…

In the wake of the tragedy in Boston today,

I'm So Sorry

No, really.

I try not to bring current events here.  It’s not what this blog is for.  It’s about having a good time looking at Doctor Who stuff. This one, though, is personal.  I have family there I still haven’t heard from, and although I believe they’re perfectly fine I’m angry.  Innocent people lost lives for no good reason.  It wasn’t an accident, and it’s not okay.  I feel terrible for those people (dead, injured, or just plain scared), their families and friends, and for all of those who may not yet have word of their loved ones.  I also fear this will be used as an excuse for freedoms to be taken away under the blanket of “security”.  Remember that life will go on and that we can’t live it being constantly afraid.  Instead of letting this cause panic, lets worry about picking up the pieces… help these people get their lives back together, find out what went wrong, and do better next time.

Okay, I’ll get down off my soapbox now.  Please feel free to leave some encouraging comments here for the families and the people of Boston in general.  They may come across them and they may not, but I think we need to have at least one site where people aren’t fighting, just helping others through this.

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