and gentlemen, for fear of offending anyone. 🙂  Not many people could pull off adorable first thing in the morning, but he’s totally got it covered.


An Episode Idea…

The Doctor and Clara… As CHILDREN!  Well unless that happens in the 50th anniversary we’re not going to see this with Ten.


Baker And Cleese

No matter what you say, you cannot argue against this:

Baker And Cleese

All Dressed Up

Well… He certainly looks better than I would in that dress!  Seriously, he is just plain awesome 🙂



Oh how the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff can get confusing!


3D Trailer

Fan-made 3D trailer. I had trouble getting this to play (my internet connection is acting up I think) but once I did it was totally worth it!

The Real-D 3D glasses (like the ones you get in the theater) don’t work.  You need the ones with the different colored lenses (they hurt my eyes!).  If you can’t get your paws on a set just click the 3D option off at the bottom of the viewing window.  It does lose something that way though…


Mulder was right to believe!  See the poster on the right?