Season 1 of New-Who, episode 6.  The TARDIS arrives in a museum with old foe in glass boxes (like a Cyberman and a Slitheen arm).  Rose and the Doctor suddenly find themselves surrounded.

A shot of a helicopter flashes by.  Normally not worth mentioning, but the copter name is “Bad Wolf One”.

Next we see a quick point of view look through a Dalek’s eyestalk, then back to our Doctor.  A collector has found him trespassing in his personal museum.  For some odd reason, he wants to show him his only living specimen, while leaving Rose with some of his staff.  Only he doesn’t know what he actually has… the Doctor does, though.

As soon as the Doctor introduces himself to the darkened room, the Dalek flips and the Doctor realizes what he’s locked in with.  Luckily it’s unable to attack him.  In another dark scene for the Doctor, he torments the Dalek, telling him his race is dead.  Then, when questioned, he tells him the Time Lords are also dead.  They each realize they are alone and there’s a moment of sadness before the Doctor decides to take out his anger and kill the Dalek.  The collector (Henry) steps in to save it, but only with the hopes the Dalek will speak to him.

Rose makes friendly with Henry’s cataloguer Adam, because you know that will end well.  They decide to patch into the coms system in the Dalek’s room, just in time to see someone torturing it.  Rose freaks out and goes running towards danger.

This is the first time we’ve seen the Daleks in New-Who.  Henry and the Doctor have a chat about the time war, and Henry realizes he has another alien.  Cut scene to the Doctor chained up.  He’s being tortured and he’s terrified that the Dalek will get out and kill them all.

Meanwhile Rose and Adam go to talk to the Dalek.  As soon as she says Doctor the Dalek plays to her sympathies.  She touches it, giving it the time energy it needs to regenerate itself and escape.  Henry releases the Doctor after being convinced it’s his only chance of survival.

The Dalek passes by the guards and sucks the energy and all the data from the internet through a control panel (interesting concept).  It then starts dissolving bullets fired at it and shooting down everyone in its path.  Kids show?  Really?  The stack of bodies suggests otherwise.  This was mainly done to show the New-Who fans that Daleks are scary and really, REALLY dangerous.  The Classic-Who fans already knew this.  This is the same reason they showed it levitate.

After killing the soldiers the Dalek talks to the Doctor via video screen.  It tells him he’d make a good Dalek due to his hatred and want for it to die.

That didn’t stop him though.  With Henry’s help he sealed off the bulkheads, leaving Rose trapped with the Dalek.  Rose said her goodbye to the Doctor and he heard an extermination shot.  He began screaming at Henry for causing it, then we see Rose.

The Dalek couldn’t kill Rose because it received feelings through the DNA transfer.  It felt fear and realized it was contaminated.  It held her hostage to open the bulkhead, knowing that the Doctor would do it because of his feelings for Rose.

The Doctor sorted through a stack of uncatalogued weapons while Rose tried to reason with the Dalek.  She discovered it wanted its freedom, and so she walked it out.  When they saw sunlight there was a melancholy moment where it opened its case to feel the sunlight.  The Doctor arrived to kill it and Rose talked him down.

The mutated Dalek asked Rose to order it to die, but she couldn’t do it right away.  Once she realized it was no way for a Dalek to live, she gave the order and it self-destructed.  Guess we finally know what those balls on the side of the case are for.

I get the purpose behind the episode, since we’ll see the Daleks a lot more later on, but there was just too much feely going on.  I mean, evolving the Daleks?  No thanks.  They make better mindless killers.

Henry was quickly disposed of by his female assistant, who decided to fill the place in with cement.  That left the Doctor and Rose to jump into the TARDIS with Adam and move on.


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