Moffat On Smith

Steven Moffat spoke with EntertainmentWise about Matt Smith leaving the show:

With filming for the Christmas having begun on Sunday, Steven spoke to us at the  TV Choice Awards which took place in London earlier this week, about returning  to the set of the hit BBC drama knowing that it’s the last time Matt will play  the iconic Time Lord.

Admitting that it was emotional, Steven said: “It’s hard to let go, watching  him on set yesterday (Sunday) and he’s so heartbreakingly good. You get all  excited about the new doctor and then you go back and you see Matt on his first  day back on set and you think ‘oh my God that’s what we’re losing’.”

Continuing to gush about Matt, Steven went on to comment: “He’s so brilliant  and he’s at the height of his powers in the part, he’s so funny, so clever, so  inventive.”

Asked about the atmosphere on the set of the drama, Steve re-assured that  there hasn’t been tears.

He said: “It’s fine. I mean it was an emotional start to the week, but he’s  actually been incredibly cheery. He’s a fantastic leading man from that point of  view. He bounds on set and gets everyone laughing and moving.”

And it appears that was the case as Matt was spotted filming scenes with  co-star Jenna Louise Coleman. With the iconic Tardis situated in the middle of a  green field, Matt and Jenna could be seen acting out scenes for the Christmas  special. The storylines of which have been kept top secret.

Whilst Jenna was spotted wearing a black jumper and a red tartan skirt, Matt  was seen in his usual Doctor Who attire and just like he said, Matt was seen  rocking his wig, and was spotted getting a touch up by a make-up artist with a  spot of glue.

With Matt busy filming scenes for the Christmas special, Steven spoke of his  successor, Peter Capaldi whose identity was unveiled after months of  speculation. Revealing that Peter is looking forward to taking on the role of  Doctor Who, Steven commented:

“He’s very excited and thrilled”, he said before going on to explain his  reasons for picking him for the role.

He said: “He’s a brilliant actor and he wanted the part so that was it. He’s  known to be a Doctor Who fan and genius level actor and came at the right time  for the Doctor.”

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