Davison Talks 50th

Doctor Who TV is reporting Peter Davison is in the know for the 50th:

Earlier in the week, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison was caught ‘protesting‘ the apparent absence of any classic era Doctors in the 50th anniversary special. What’s even more intriguing is that the same man later revealed that he has a copy of the 50th script.

Davison was interviewed briefly on in an interview on Daybreak and asked about the 50th he said: “I’ve heard lots of rumours, none of which I’m allowed to tell you anything about. I’m privy to them actually.”

Then he adds: “I have got a copy of the script which has got my name embossed across it. So it’s top secret, but there’s other stuff, lots of other things that are going on that people should keep their eye open for around the 50th anniversary special!”

Some may recall the earlier rumour claiming that one classic era Doctor would in fact appear. If Steven Moffat was going to include one in a surprise appearance, Davison seems a likely candidate especially after Time Crash and his close relation to David Tennant.

For those of you that don’t already know, the “close relation” to David Tennant actually does mean family.  Davison is Tennant’s father-in-law.  It’s not all that surprising he has a copy of the script, since he probably would have seen Tennant’s copy anyway.  If I had to guess on a guest appearance he’s actually a likely candidate.  Although I really would like to see Captain Jack, Barrowman hasn’t exactly been quiet about the fact that he hasn’t been approached.

In case you’re interested, here’s the video:


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