Joanna Page Interview

The Radio Times also interviewed Joanna Page:

Joanna Page has revealed just how much she wanted to appear in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode.

She had just become a mum when she got the offer to play Elizabeth I in the feature-length special, but that didn’t stop the 35-year-old actress from making her Doctor Who debut. Oh no.

“I’ve always wanted to be in it so I was so excited,” she told Radio Times during an interview about new ITV period medical drama Breathless. “You don’t expect when you’ve just had a baby for someone to phone and go: ‘Do you fancy playing Elizabeth I?'”

The Who fan didn’t even let a recent c-section hold her back from appearing in anniversary special The Day of the Doctor. “I was recovering from a caesarean but I still got on the back of a horse with David Tennant,” said Page.

But it seems she and her husband [actor James Thornton] were keen to ensure filming didn’t interfere with baby Eva’s needs.

“Just as we were about to ride off my husband drove up because Eva needed feeding: I had to jump off the horse and rip open my bodice. Fortunately, David [Tennant]’s a dad so he’s used to it!”

Read the full interview with Joanna Page in this week’s Radio Times magazine, on sale from Tuesday

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