The 50th In The Theatre

I watched The Day of the Doctor when it aired, like everyone else.  My local theatre in my small Canadian city didn’t do a live showing, so I had to settle for seeing it on TV.  The theatre decided to have a showing last night instead.

They had NO idea what they were in for.

Hours before the showing, there was a huge lineup outside.  The tickets had sold out, and they’d added a second showing at the same time (which also sold out quickly).  More people than not were dressed in full costume, and sonic screwdrivers were more the norm than not.  It was fantastic.  I’ve never been so proud of my little city.  Inside, we compared sonics, discussed knitting the 4th’s scarf and were generally friendly with complete strangers.  Once the show started there was cheering, screaming, gasping, clapping and even some crying.  I’ve never been to a showing that’s been so lively.

I wonder if this is what ComicCon feels like.

I’d love to hear about everyone else’s experience!


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