Doctor Who Experience

I really wish I could go before (and after) they change this.  From Den of Geek:

We suspect lots of you have already had the pleasure of the quite wonderful Doctor Who Experience down in Cardiff. The centrepiece of the attraction is a Doctor Who adventure, that features Matt Smith, and is based around things that happened in Doctor Who series five.

Well, this might not be the most surprising news, but the Matt Smith adventure is coming to the end of its time. We understand that the Doctor Who Experience walkthrough will be shutting down towards the autumn in 2014, and that Peter Capaldi is filming a new adventure that will take its place.

Exact dates aren’t yet known. Whilst the ‘experience’ part of the attraction will be closed for around six weeks for the switchover, the excellent exhibition will remain open.

When we hear more, we’ll let you know. But if you want to take the Matt Smith adventure, you might just have to get your skates on. You can find details of the Doctor Who Experience here.


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