Moffat On Capaldi

Steven Moffat was speaking to IGN at the BAFTA Game Awards (where The Last Of Us won a bunch of awards – Tom Baker was involved in that one, by the way) and he seems happy with his choice in  the new Doctor:

Doctor Who lead writer Steven Moffat has revealed what we should expect from the twelfth incarnation of the Time Lord when the show returns.

Speaking to IGN at last week’s BAFTA Game Awards, where he presented Naughty Dog with the gong for Best Story for The Last of Us, we asked Moffat what newcomer Peter Capaldi has in store for us, at which point the Scottish showrunner decided to single out his fellow countryman’s nationality for praise.

“Scottishness. I think that’s the main thing,” he laughed. “I mean watching him, and I just watched episode two actually, you don’t go around thinking this is an older bloke as The Doctor, particularly. But then I don’t know if I ever thought Matt Mmith was young?

“You just think my god, he’s Scottish! And doomed dialogue doesn’t half sound great in Scottish. You say the world’s about to end in a Scottish accent, and you really believe it!”

Production on Doctor Who series 8 began in Cardiff earlier this year, at which stage we were also treated to an early look at Capaldi in his new costume.

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