Capaldi Is Not The Doctor!

A nasty April Fools joke from Doctor Who TV… or IS it?

The BBC have today announced some huge news for Series 8.

In one of the most surprising plot twists in Doctor Who history Capaldi is not actually the Doctor. Fans will learn in Series 8 that he will instead be playing the latest incarnation of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Master. Capaldi’s Master has in fact just assumed the Doctor’s identity, fooling everyone around him including Clara.

So who is playing the real 12th Doctor? Well we’ve already been introduced to him – Samuel Anderson. Anderson was previously announced to be playing Coal Hill School teacher Danny Pink, however this is actually another alias for the Chameleon-Arched Doctor, much like in Human Nature.

In a press statement Anderson said: “I’m thrilled to be taking on the iconic role of the Doctor and I can’t wait to spar with Peter Capaldi!”

Steven Moffat said: “Try as we might we knew we couldn’t keep this a secret from the fans! The cat was out of the bag as soon as Samuel was spotted wearing the Doctor’s spacesuit. Though I’m surprised people bought into Capaldi being the Doctor in the first place. You don’t cast an actor like him as the Doctor. Just look at those eyes. They are pure evil!”

Reports are coming in that Capaldi is growing his beard in preparation for pivotal scenes filming shortly.

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