Poor Moffat…

That’s right, poor Steven Moffat.  He seems to put his foot in his mouth often, a lot like I do.  His latest ‘blunder’ was saying that the Doctor (more accurately, the actors that play him) are “not conventionally good looking”.  Personally, I don’t think I agree, as I can think of a few photos I’ve featured that look pretty attractive…



Celebrities Visit Broadway - May 21, 2013



…and that’s just New Who, and only a sampling.  Back to topic, though, I know what he was getting at.  If you just saw a photo of one of our beloved actors and had never seen him as the Doctor (or as anything else) you’re not likely to drop your pants and scream “take me”.  He just said it in a way that made people overreact, and click baiting turned headlines into something they weren’t.  Moffat takes a lot of crap as a rule, but this was just silly.  It did make me giggle though.

Doctor Who TV gave him a chance to defend himself, and I love that they’re using this photo… I’m totally using it every chance I get:


Steven Moffat has attempted to clear up comments that hit the headlines the other week when it was reported that he said that all the Doctors were ugly.

Speaking in his latest DWM column he says: “Ah, all the things I’ve never said. I could write a book, full of words I never wrote. I’m used to a foot in my mouth, but on the whole I’d prefer it was my own.

“The other morning I woke up to several online newspaper editions announcing I’d called all the Doctors ugly. That one set me blinking. As you know, I am an icon of male beauty (dear Man In New York, we Brits call that a joke), but that seemed a bit off.

“A quick investigation – it turned out me declaring that the Doctors were all “not conventionally attractive” (my own ripped physique allows me such imperious judgements) had been lightly processed into the kind of clickbait that means you have to email your friends.

“Ho hum. Just another day’s blundering. And sometimes, in my paranoia and embarrassment, I wonder if I’m just making everybody cross all the time. I used to do that socially on an individual basis, but now every screw-up goes viral. My epic lack of tact has been weaponised!”

11th Doctor Impression

Totally caught myself watching the Doctor Who/Rocky Horror video again….

But yet another fan video.  This one is an incredible impression of Matt Smith as the Doctor.  Good job – seriously!

Sci-Fi Cruise

Apparently there’s an annual sci-fi cruise… Click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

I thought they looked a little sketchy at first. but I see Sylvester McCoy has gone a couple times… Opinions?

Doctor Rocky Horror?

I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I love Doctor Who.  I don’t normally include all the fan videos, but this was way too good not to share

Seriously, I’m going to watch this over and over

Another VS

I want both of these! Our friends are having another VS.  As usual, it’s one day only:


Castle – YOU?

I swear this has been me on occasion… with that face…


New Cast Member For Broadchurch

Since I’m a Torchwood fan, I find this news from Anglophenia very exciting!:

While all eyes have understandably been on David Tennant in Gracepoint, plans for the second season of the original Broadchurch are already well under way, and ITV have just released some details of the cast.

As you’d expect, given the show’s close ties with the production of Doctor Who—David Tennant, Arthur Darvill, David Bradley and Olivia Colman, for starters, and also director Euros Lyn and writer/creator Chris Chibnall—there’s at least one new crossover, in the form of Torchwood and The Unquiet Dead’s Eve Myles.

She’ll be keeping good company too, as the series also welcomes aboard Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Without A Trace, Private Practice), James D’Arcy (Cloud Atlas, Hitchcock) and relative newcomer Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Blandings, The Café).

In a press-release, Chris said: “As if we didn’t have enough fabulous actresses, it’s a thrill to be joined by Wales’ finest, Eve Myles. Having worked together on Torchwood, it’s a joy to be able to welcome her to Broadchurch.”

Chris continued: “Anyone who’s seen Phoebe Waller-Bridge perform knows she’s already on the way to being a superstar. We’re lucky to have them both on board.

“Marianne is one of Britain’s finest actresses, so it’s an honor and a coup for us. It’s a role written specifically for her and I would’ve wept for months if she’d turned us down. Luckily she didn’t and her character is going to make an indelible impact on the world of Broadchurch.:

Jane Featherstone, executive producer, added: “It’s never easy to tempt actors back from Hollywood, and we feel privileged that James is joining us as a key part of our new story.”

Extra Special Bow Tie

Have you ever thought to yourself “I need a different sort of bow tie?”… Maybe something knitted?  Check out these knitted bow ties from Wool And Water:


Clarke And Davison

Seems Noel Clarke has met more than one Doctor, hmmmm?


This is from Noel Clarke’s Instagram account a few days ago.

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