Doctor Who TV quotes Colin Baker as saying that David Tennant and Matt Smith are the reason that girls are now watching Doctor Who.

I disagree!  Though I enjoy watching them both (not to fangirl here, but they’re both attractive men, not to mention great actors) this particular girl is not watching because of them.  I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I was a kid, and am a huge fan of “old Who”, when the actors weren’t considered sex symbols like they are now.  It was the show itself that drew me in – the stories, the characters – and not an actor’s pretty face.

Personally, I find it a little insulting that he would suggest that girls/women wouldn’t appreciate the story and would only watch because of a man.  I will admit there are fangirls like that, but I think if the show was terrible even the fangirls wouldn’t watch purely for looks.  And if that’s what he thinks, shouldn’t he be suggesting that men are watching just for the companions?

Read the full piece and see what you think:

Sixth Doctor Colin Baker has said that David Tennant and Matt Smith are responsible for bringing a female following to Doctor Who.

Speaking to RCNTV about Peter Capaldi, he said: “Peter’s a grown up, not like all these bloody kids who’ve been playing it for the past 10 years! I’m glad an older actor has been asked to play the part.

“To be fair to both David and Matt they may be young in years but their performances convinced me they were 900-years-old going on a 1000.”

He adds: “And they’ve got a female market now as a result of those two young guys. Girls are now watching it. Hopefully they will continue to once they see and older man playing the part.”

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