Robot Of Sherwood Review

I’ve always loved Robin Hood, and the various assorted takes on the character.  Apparently, so does Clara.  There’s just something about the take from the rich and give to the poor thing that makes us want to love him.  From the first appearance of Robin Hood in Robot of Sherwood, I liked him.

My husband (who doesn’t even watch Doctor Who), was laughing from the get go.

The arrow scene between the Doctor and Robin Hood was when the action really started though.  Robots?  Hmmm…  At this point I was hoping this wouldn’t be just a filler episode.  It was, but I really did enjoy it.  It was just one of those fun episodes that are a joy to watch if you don’t get too picky about them.  I’m sure I will on the second viewing, but I’ve only seen it once so far.

Clara was in fine form in my opinion (although she was really doughy-eyed).  Maybe it was just me, but I felt like the writing for her was much better in this episode.  She got to be smarter and have more fun.  I’m certain it had something to do with Mark Gatiss.  I also love “cranky Doctor”.  His interactions with other people are fantastic!  He can insight a riot like no one else, and make you super excited in the process.

So when I first saw the robots, I was expecting Cybermen.  I think I was disappointed to see just robots.  There wasn’t much information, and no real backstory, but that’s what you get in a filler episode.  I found them disposed of rather quickly, but I’m sure that was due to time constraints.  I felt that it was made up for with the sword fighting and the banter.  It was definitely made up for in the final chat between Robin Hood and the Doctor.  The Doctor needed that, and he made up for being such a jerk in the end.

We didn’t get an appearance from Missy this time, but we did get a reference to the promised land… definitely going to be our series arc this time around.

Did you like it?  I’d love to hear your opinions!


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