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Oh how I love Who day! As usual, spoilers.

The opening speech made 12 seem a little crazy, until his chalk took on a life of its own… But it definitely had my attention!

Then we see Clara and her date with Danny.  Again, the very cool flash forward.  Again, so very uncomfortable… then to a good time… then to anger and walking out.  This relationship just isn’t going well.  You can physically feel it when things are uncomfortable, which I  think was done well.

I love the biting remarks of 12.  He is so rude and has no idea… it’s awesome, and I wish I could get away with this sometimes.  But that only lasts a moment, and then the creepy begins.  Just enough to tease, then Clara is hooked up to the TARDIS to check out her nightmares.  This is a bit of a terrifying thought.  I noticed the TARDIS doesn’t want to let her go, which makes me wonder if this will lead into something else later.

So, since Clara manages to get herself distracted, we wind up seeing Danny as a child.  Finally, we see 12 use the psychic paper to investigate things.  Note that the Doctor is drinking coffee, while Clara goes to have a chat with Danny about his dreams.  They’re right, everyone has had that dream.  Human nature,.. but what’s on top of the bed?  Whatever it is, the Doctor feels the need to lecture about adrenaline while it sits there.  We have a bit of tension, then the mysterious creature disappears.

Capaldi’s Doctor is so much more alien.  He just doesn’t have the people skills as some of the previous Doctors, and I’m really enjoying it.  Between the mean comments (that are true more often than not) and his attitude it general I just love him.  Moving on…

Clara returns to her date to apologize in her own little way, then things go back to awkward, then angry.  Then away we go to the TARDIS.  The Doctor couldn’t stay and wait 5 minutes for Clara, so he comes back with a Danny look-alike.  Then to the end of the universe, some more insults and back to the creep factor.  Not being able to see the villain is much worse that seeing them, don’t you think?  The look on Clara’s face when she receives confirmation of who Orson is – fantastic.

Okay, so we’re going to hang out for a night to see what happens in the dark.  While we wait, we’ll talk about Clara’s dating life, but that doesn’t take very long.  Company arrives quickly, and Capaldi gets to make all kinds of funny faces while he acts.  Clara does a believable job of looking afraid, while 12 just looks a little insane.  Unlocking the door doesn’t help, and neither does yelling at Clara.  You can see it hurt her feelings, so she calls him a name to try and hide it.  We have barely a hint of what happens outside the TARDIS before Orson has to go and save the Doctor.

While he’s out, Clara decides she should try to fly the TARDIS.  Of course the screen can’t be working, so Clara decides to just open up the door and go out.  What does she find but a crying child.  It seems as though we’ve found a Time Lord, and it must be our Time Lord.  It seems Clara has started all of the bad dreams all along.  There was never anything there, just like in real life.  Clara has been very good to the Doctor.  She gave him the speech from the 50th (see the tie-in for the barn), and the adrenaline speech and the ability to accept himself.

“What if the big, bad Time Lord just doesn’t want to admit he’s afraid of the dark?”

When we see her at the end of the episode, she’s fixing things up with her new boyfriend… Rupert.

In cast you didn’t know, “Fear makes companions of us all” was actually a 1st Doctor quote.  I just thought I’d point that out before moving on.

This was definitely a Clara-centric episode.  The Doctor was just there for some comic relief and some speeches.  I kind of like what was done with the whole Clara/Danny thing, but there was one thing that really bothered me.  When we first met Rupert, there’s was something hanging out under his blanket.  So what was it?

As much as I wanted to love this episode, and did in some ways, there were just enough things that bothered me about it for me to say it wasn’t as good as the rest of the season.  It had quite a bit of potential, but it just wasn’t where I wanted it to be.  Opinions?


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