Kill The Moon Review

Okay, so this is another write-it-while-I-watch-it review.  I’m kind of enjoying these, though it may make no sense to anyone reading it.

Finally we’re off Earth… kind of.  The space suits are back again, and it looks like Clara is without the Doctor.  You know, this whole Clara being the central character thing is starting to grate on me.  I like her well enough, but it’s starting to feel like too much.

I knew we wouldn’t see the last of Courtney, but I wasn’t expecting it so soon.  Though it’s interesting to see how the 12th Doctor seems to consider people not special, while the 11th Doctor thought everyone was.

Anyway, back to the future moon, with the whole crew for the moment.  The Doctor makes a nice fool out of himself in front of some random people, all in the interest of seeing that the moon has gravity.  Apparently it’s messing with things on Earth.  When our crew goes to investigate, we’re treated to the moon’s surface and a view of Earth from afar.  Finally something a little different from England.

We find some cobwebs in space, which seems a little odd.  The next part just gives a chance to explain the back story and have people walk around in space suits.  We find a body, then ditch the helmets… apparently without checking the air quality first?  The lights go out, we hear funny sounds and someone gets attacked outside.  Seems on par for the course.

We get our first glimpse of a big giant ugly spider, and it’s time to hide in the dark.  I feel like it’s partly atmosphere, party to have an excuse for a glow in the dark spider.  An attack, everyone runs, Courtney gets left behind and kills the spider.  Since everyone is now afraid, we have to have a chat about whether to stay or not.  The Doctor says he can’t see what happens because the fate of the moon hasn’t been decided.  In the meantime, Courtney is locked in the TARDIS… does anyone else see this ending badly?

We go outside, then find another spider (which apparently are germs?) and when it runs we see what looks like thousands.  I predict they will be running loose soon.  The Doctor finds a batch of amniotic fluid and jumps down into it, but he’s not gone long.  They head back and the TARDIS (and Courtney) are missing.  Nobody seems to care.  Apparently the moon is an egg, it’s hatching, and that’s more important than anything else.  Fair enough.  Okay, so it was intentional, but we’re ignoring that because it’s fun.

In usual human style, we want to kill the moon.  To be fair, there’s a decision to be made.  Kill the thing that’s hatching (one life), or let it live and kill billions (Earth).

“It’s time to take the stabilizers off your bike” – The Doctor

The Doctor refuses to make the decision for them, so he brings the TARDIS back, boots out Courtney and leaves in it.  He wants them to make the decision.  Our not-so-friendly astronaut sets the timer to destroy the moon while they decide.  No pressure.  So Clara asks the Earth to vote.  That’s something I’d fully expect from her.  As the timer runs down, the Earth appears to go dark, suggesting they kill the moon.   Clara can’t do it and stops the timer.  Of course, that’s when the Doctor chooses to pick them up.

We get a cool shot of them on Earth, looking at the moon hatching.  The beach looks like the one that 11 “died” on…

What came next, and the resolution of what would happen without the moon resolved itself a little too quickly, but I can let that go in favor of the showdown between Clara and the Doctor.  I don’t at all think this is the end of Clara’s trips with the Doctor, but it does feel as though they could be setting up the beginning of the end for her. She can’t stay around forever, so at some point they need to determine how she will leave.

We only saw Danny for a minute or two, but I was happy with him this time.  We also didn’t get to see anything from Missy.  All in all, I felt like the episode moved along quickly enough.  We got a little development in the Doctor/Clara relationship, and it wasn’t that bad to watch.

Opinions are welcome in the comments!

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