Mummy On The Orient Express Review

Yet another live viewing 🙂

We start off the episode with a train in space and a death by mummy.  This could be great or terrible, depending…

Clara and the Doctor appear… wait… I thought she wasn’t talking to him?  Maybe it’s assumed that we just missed the events that led up to this.  Until we find out that this is Clara’s final trip.  Thankfully they addressed it.  On a side note, I love Clara’s dress.

A moody train car is a great place for a serious conversation.  Having just watched The Walking Dead, it was a little extra added tension.  The Doctor and Clara each decide to do their own little investigation and it seems that the train is keeping people alive.  However, there’s a myth about a mummy that says only the victim can see it and that person has 66 seconds to live.

I love the jelly babies case!

Death #2…

The chief engineer seems a little too keen, but I like him all the same.  We get some time killing while Clara investigates her feelings (while she’s stuck) and the Doctor investigates the mummy.  I found this dragged on a bit longer than it needed to, but maybe I was just being impatient.

The mummy clock starts again and we have another death…

The Doctor figures out what’s going on, so the train stops and we find out what’s really going on.  We have a 4th death and Clara has managed to find some information.  The Doctor has managed to figure out how the mummy is choosing victims.  Another death and a little more information.

Clara’s new friend is suspected to be next, and we get to see the Doctor be a terrible person.  That also puts Clara in a bad position, where she lies to get her there. At this point the truth comes out and the Doctor redeems himself.

“Are you my mummy?” – The Doctor

I love that throwback.

The Doctor finally figures it out but that puts them all in danger again.  A last second rescue and the Doctor comes through in the end.  We find out he’s not heartless after all and that he’s accepted that sometimes he just has to choose between bad options.

This was mostly a filler episode.  We did discover that Clara and Danny are telling each other “I love you” and that Clara lies to him about deciding to go back “on the road” with the Doctor.  I felt this episode was okay, but wasn’t thrilled with it.


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