Sleep No More – New Who Season 9 Episode 9 Review

Over the holidays I had to actively avoid accidentally seeing the Christmas special or anything to do with it.  I *need* to get caught up on all of these episodes so that I can go on Twitter/Facebook/The-Internet-In-General again!  Having said that, spoiler alert as usual, and here we go 🙂

We start out with a very ominous video clip of someone saying something’s happened and here’s what’s happened (mostly).  Then some code appears across the screen and we see Clara’s name along with “Doctor Who” and a bunch of other stuff.  I suspect we’ll see much more information soon.  For example, right away. We’re introduced to a “rescue team”.  We’re basically told that they won’t make it so don’t get attached.  They’re coming for our narrator but we don’t get know why.  We’re told we’ll see things from their point of view.

Our rescue crew finds the Doctor and Clara wandering about babbling with their usual banter about nothingness.  They tell our heroes that the station fell silent a day ago, their going to find out why, and that the TARDIS team will now be joining the command.  Seems on par for normal.  We see some humanoid-like forms in the shadows and everyone runs.  I can’t help but notice the Doctor and Clara holding hands, and out scary figures look like two people holding hands.  One team member is separated as they run away and the rest of the group runs into a room.  The figures try to get in but then crumble to dust.  The Doctor analyzes it to find out that they’re organic… like people?

They find some pods in the room and Clara manages to get herself stuck inside one.  Turns out to be a sleep pod that just grabs people and sucks them in when they’re tired.  The team calls them Morpheus, but won’t say more than “they’re more than just a sleep pod”.  One of them isn’t empty.  It was holding our narrator.  Now we discover our sleep pods cram sleep into a teeny amount of time so people can go a whole month without actually sleeping.  The Doctor believes the creatures have something to do with Morpheus.  He thinks they are sleep dust (that crap that builds up in the corner of your eyes while you’re asleep) come to life and are eating people.  He thinks the pods and the creatures need to be destroyed.

We go out looking for the missing team member, who is trying to get into a room to hide.  Unfortunately, he locks himself in with a creature and that was the end of him.  This is supposed to be a kids show, right?

Gravity goes wonky, the Doctor fixes it while a creature attacks them and we run and lose more people.  Some filler, and the Doctor. Clara and the commander are locked in the cold storage room.  The Doctor reviews their helmet camera footage because he thinks they’re missing something.  Only thing is, it turns out they don’t *have* helmet cams.  Just when they realize this the creatures start trying to break down the door.  They can’t stay and freeze, so they hide in bags hanging from the ceiling and let them in.

Some of the creatures are distracted by a noise and go chasing after the other crew members.  In the meantime we haven’t seen our narrator in the present (just as an actual narrator).

Turns out the creatures are blind.  This allows the Doctor’s group to quietly sneak out and then shut the door behind them.  In our other group, one team member (the “grunt”, a basic soldier grown in a lab) sacrifices himself to save the other.

Back to the cameras… They aren’t cameras.  The dust is watching everyone, collecting these images.  Clara and the others are collecting images from their points of view as well, since they were in the pods.  There is no footage from the Doctor’s point of view or from the one crew member who refuses to use the machines.

Meanwhile our lone crew member returns to *his* ship.  He assumes the others are dead and plans to destroy the station.  He finds an open sleep pod, the bay doors close and we hear him scream.  Guess a creature got him too.  The Doctor has worked things out so their group heads to the ship too, finding the narrator, just as expected.  He’d already recorded his message that we’ve been watching all show.  He plans to take the creatures back to the planet to wipe out all the humans.

The narrator has moved a pod onto the ship containing a man who hasn’t slept in 5 years.  He releases the creature, then locks the group in with it.  The Doctor distracts it and they run.  The commander kills the narrator and they head for the TARDIS, cut off by creatures.  The Doctor destroys the grav shields causing the same issues as earlier and the creatures start turning into dust.  Things don’t make sense for him, but it looks like we’re about to understand.

During the whole episode it’s been shot kind of like a horror film, with little blips in the tape… Our narrator explains that the Morpheus process is actually in the blips and we’ve all been watching it so we’re infected now.  He’s going to beam out the signal to the whole solar system as soon as he’s done recording it (this would be before he was shot obviously).  He rubs his eye and shows that he’s actually one of the creatures and our narrator has been dead basically all along.  He turns to dust, and we’re next…

Interesting premise and quite creepy.

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