Series 10 Wrap

Maybe we’ll finally get to see a new episode!


More Filming

Spoilers! (and not the leaked kind!):

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Series 8 – What We Know

Spoilerphobes beware, but The Gallifrey Times has put together a nice list of what we know about Series 8 so far.

Click HERE to read the article!

Friday Funny

Everyone needs a good giggle on a Friday, and this should do it!


Series 8 Filming

Spoiler alert!

Series 8 filming is still going on, and all kinds of rumors are flying.  It seems sure, though, that the Cybermen are returning!


Oh and did I mention Osgood, Kate Stewart and UNIT?


While we’re at it, why don’t we just stop and take a selfie?


Series 8 Filming

Who wants to see more pictures??

Click HERE to see a photo gallery of filming with an extra… special TARDIS!


We all know that filming for Series 8 is underway.

Last warning for spoilers!

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