Doctor Who Legacy Code

The “new to Who” catchup code:


Doctor Who Legacy Code

With this code for Doctor Who Legacy you can get this awesome costume for the TARDIS.  If you don’t have the TARDIS yet, it’s okay!  Enter the code anyway and you’ll get the costume automatically when you acquire it.

What?  You’re not playing Doctor Who Legacy yet?  It’s free!  Just go HERE and follow the links up top to download it for your device.  I play it on my tablet and it’s a great size 🙂


Addictive Game

I’m always up for a stupid little flash game.  With this one, you press an arrow key with your keyboard and all your tiles slide that way.  Each time you do that a new tile appears on the board.  When two of the same tile touch they merge and “level up”.

The trick?  The tiles are the DOCTORS!

Click HERE to check out the game