Happy Birthday Peter Davison!




There’s another T-Shirt war going on!  Today only, as usual




Are You A Geocacher?

Well, are you a Geocacher?  I like to describe Geocachers as people who use multi million dollar satellites (read: hand-held GPS) to hunt for Tupperware (read: containers containing a log book and sometimes Dollar-Store tradables) in the woods (read: or anywhere else you can hide a container).

You can also put trackables out there, which you can watch from a page in your account (free) while it travels around the world.  Got it?  Now that you’re up to speed, you’ll probably want a police-box trackable, which looks a lot like a TARDIS:


They seem to be pretty difficult to find for sale, but you could always arrange to have a bunch minted… Oooooo now there’s a thought!

All right, if you’re able to travel you may also want to grab (read: search for and find) some caches.  I’d posted about some geocaches before, but these are more spread out:

The First Doctor – Ohio

The Second Doctor – British Columbia

The Third Doctor – Oregon (currently archived, but they’re working on a new location)

The Fourth Doctor – Illinois

The Fifth Doctor – New Mexico

The Sixth Doctor – Tennessee

The Seventh Doctor – Michigan (temporarily disabled because someone stole the container, but it will be back up soon)

The Eighth Doctor – California

The Ninth Doctor – Texas

The Tenth Doctor – New York (a Where-I-Go cache)

The Eleventh Doctor – Indiana

The Twelfth Doctor – California

The 1960’s Film Version – Coming Soon

The Comic Relief Doctor – Coming Soon

Finale – Indiana


According to the cache description for the 12th Doctor:

The Doctor’s twelfth incarnation is rather curmudgeonly at times but a loyal friend to those he serves with. While mysterious, he has built up his backstory and convinced many around him that he is actually from Earth. He tends to get emotional at times, much to the chagrin of his companions. He takes the name “Doctor” seriously as he travels through time and space. One of his most memorable (and tragic) adventures occurred on Earth during the great depression. The twelfth doctor does consider himself more a healer than any other incarnation. It seems that the TARDIS has repaired its chameleon circuit since it has yet to appear with this doctor… then again this incarnation claims to be divorced.

Since this cache was placed in 2011, I’m going to say that the cache owner was just completely making this up!

11 Doctors

Can anyone draw the additions into this picture?


Doctors Celebrate!

Multiple Doctors gather during the 50th anniversary celebrations!

Tom Baker (4th), Peter Davison (5th), Colin Baker (6th), Sylvester McCoy (7th), Matt Smith (11th)


I was actually quite surprised David Tennant wasn’t there.

5 Days!

I’m counting the actual day you know, because it doesn’t air here until evening



With the holiday season upon us, everyone can use a good drink recipe:


It’s Not Safe!


A New Strax Field Report

Oh how I love these!  It makes me laugh that the BBC official website won’t let me view them (not available in my country), but wait a couple hours and they’re on another site 🙂