All Of TIme

This *really* needs to be updated with the 12th Doctor!

As an FYI, my review will be late for the finale as I’ll be away…

All Of Time

Big Eyes


Happy Birthday 7 and Ace!


7 Days!



A little late, but I’m sure this idea could be adapted for next year…


Hellos, Goodbyes And Regenerations

I’d love to see this updated to include more recent clips, but it’s pretty nice as-is:

How Far We’ve Come

Fan made and fantastic!

Sci-Fi Cruise

Apparently there’s an annual sci-fi cruise… Click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

I thought they looked a little sketchy at first. but I see Sylvester McCoy has gone a couple times… Opinions?

Pandorica Speeches

Interesting… I really wanted to love Tennant’s version, but I loved Sylvester McCoy’s more 🙂

The speech here starts past the halfway mark:

Previous Doctors Talk Age

During the 50th anniversary celebrations there were a lot of things going on, and in one panel some of the former Doctors met up and discussed if age was important.