Another Regeneration

How about a regeneration gone wrong then?  Adults only, not for the kiddos and all that warning type stuff:

Who said we couldn’t find stuff to watch until the Christmas special?

All Of TIme

This *really* needs to be updated with the 12th Doctor!

As an FYI, my review will be late for the finale as I’ll be away…

All Of Time

Jarred Heads?

Heads In Jars

Big Eyes


9 Days!



A little late, but I’m sure this idea could be adapted for next year…


Hellos, Goodbyes And Regenerations

I’d love to see this updated to include more recent clips, but it’s pretty nice as-is:

Saturday Dance Party!


How Far We’ve Come

Fan made and fantastic!

The Leftovers

Looks like Christopher Eccleston has a new project:

What do you think?