Adipose Pumpkin


Halloween Costume


TARDIS Keyring

I came across this picture of a TARDIS keyring but wasn’t able to locate where to purchase it.  All the same, it’s out there, so if you want to hunt for it you can.  I always like finding new Doctor Who merchandise to drool on, don’t you?

TARDIS Keychain

I’m surprisingly worn out tonight, so I won’t post a ton of stuff.  Instead, I’ll have to do it another day!


Marshmallow Adipose

If you’re having an Easter gathering you may want to make some Marshmallow Adipose.  Click the photo for a bigger picture:

Marshmallow Adipose

Adipose Doll

Are you crafty?  Can you sew?  How about making your very own Adipose doll?

Apparently a few years back Erika (the creator) took one of her dolls to Comic-Con and had the Who Crew sign it.  I *love* that idea!