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Another Regeneration

How about a regeneration gone wrong then?  Adults only, not for the kiddos and all that warning type stuff:

Who said we couldn’t find stuff to watch until the Christmas special?

Happy Birthday Billie Piper!


Piper Up For Spin-Off

Another from Doctor Who TV.:

Billie Piper has said she would be up for a spin-off featuring Rose Tyler and the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor.

“That would be interesting… I’d be game!” she said at the recent Awesome Con panel when a fan posed the question to her.

Piper then addressed an issue some fans had with The Day of the Doctor – the fact she played the Moment rather than the real Rose meaning she didn’t get to reunite with the Tenth Doctor.

She said: “I’ve heard a lot of that, [fans saying] ‘Why couldn’t you just be Rose and actually see [the Tenth Doctor] and be with him?’”

“I think to come back and do something slightly different was welcome for me because I’d come back so many times that even though I loved Rose I thought it probably needed a bit of a shift. And that’s what Steven Moffat wanted, he brought something very different.”

She adds: “It’s good to watch it and wish that they could somehow connect in the way they used to instead of being totally satisfied. I really enjoyed playing it because I could be a bit mad and a bit strange.’

However, Piper admits she found playing the Moment hard to get her head around: “It was quite a confusing episode I thought. When I read the script I was like ‘what?!’ I got it in the end with the help of David though.”

Opinions?  I’m not so sure about it, but at the same time it might be interesting if done right.  If it was less for the kids and more adult it could be good.  However, for those die hard fans of the Ten/Rose relationship, I don’t think they’d get what they bargained for.

Pipper on Ferguson

Billie Piper (Rose Tyler, The Moment) was on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson last night:

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