Planning A Vacation?

If you’re planning to visit The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff with it’s current “story”, you’d better hurry.  Starting September 1st, the attraction will be closing for around 6 weeks or so to get a makeover.  When it opens again, Matt Smith will be gone and it will instead feature Peter Capaldi.  So if you really want to see it as it is now, you’d best get tickets!

Doctor Who Experience

I really wish I could go before (and after) they change this.  From Den of Geek:

We suspect lots of you have already had the pleasure of the quite wonderful Doctor Who Experience down in Cardiff. The centrepiece of the attraction is a Doctor Who adventure, that features Matt Smith, and is based around things that happened in Doctor Who series five.

Well, this might not be the most surprising news, but the Matt Smith adventure is coming to the end of its time. We understand that the Doctor Who Experience walkthrough will be shutting down towards the autumn in 2014, and that Peter Capaldi is filming a new adventure that will take its place.

Exact dates aren’t yet known. Whilst the ‘experience’ part of the attraction will be closed for around six weeks for the switchover, the excellent exhibition will remain open.

When we hear more, we’ll let you know. But if you want to take the Matt Smith adventure, you might just have to get your skates on. You can find details of the Doctor Who Experience here.

Tom Baker Talks About His Return

From Unreality Primetime:

Following his surprise appearance in last Novembers Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, former Time Lord Tom Baker has expressed his thanks to fans and wished them all a happy New Year!

Baker, who appeared on our BBC screens as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor from 1974 – 1981, appeared briefly in the global celebration of the hugely popular BBC family sci-fi series, The Day of the Doctor, helping to guide then current Time Lord, Matt Smith on his quest to save the world from himself.

His appearance was warmly welcomed across the world, and Baker has revealed on his official website how he felt “swamped in love” following fans reactions, as well as revealing that he and Matt Smith did not discuss his appearance in the episode, explaining:

“Wonderful messages came in from around the world following his cameo in the The Day of the Doctor, which he revealed was filmed in Cardiff last spring. Through the wintry darkness of April, I travelled to Cardiff where my scene was to be shot. The BBC decided that I shouldn’t stay in a hotel in Cardiff in case people guessed what I was there for. Matt and I did not discuss the scene or talk about what it might mean; God forbid! No, we started just after eight am and about four hours later I was released.”

Baker also took the opportunity to reveal his experience of the London ExCel three day party held in the shows honour over the weekend of the anniversary, explaining:

“It was tumult: the fans cheered as if I had come back from the dead and the cheering did the trick… I travelled back in time: it was wonderful. I enjoyed it all.”

Finally Baker divulged his power-less Christmas period having been in the midst of the South East storms which left many homes without power over the Christmas period, as well as thanking fans for their support:

“Sue & I had to manage the best we could in the darkness, trying to be cheerful and entertaining ourselves. He looks forward to completing more recordings for Big Finish Productions in the New Year. I have never been happier at work than I am with my colleagues at Big Finish. The actors are well cast and are wonderful company.

“I am constantly touched and amazed by the personal stories people have told in my guestbook about how watching Doctor Who helped them through difficult times and inspired them to make something of their lives. Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories with me and other fans. I certainly find it very interesting.”

Doctor Who returns later this year for its eighth series, with new Doctor, Peter Capaldi at the helm of the infamous Tardis!

Capaldi In Costume

I’d seen this before and thought it was photoshopped, but it actually is an official picture!  It’s Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on set for Series 8.


And from the BBC:

The BBC has issued the following press release:

The new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, stepped on set today for his first full day of filming as production begins on series 8 of the hit BBC show.

10.2 million tuned-in on Christmas Day to get their first glimpse of Capaldi in one of TV’s most iconic roles in the festive special ‘The Time of the Doctor’, which saw Matt Smith hang-up his bow tie after 4 years in the role.

Capaldi was revealed as the Doctor in a live BBC One show in August, after months of speculation about the next Doctor’s identity.

Arriving on set in Cardiff to begin filming, Peter Capaldi said:

“New job, first day, slightly nervous. Just like the Doctor, I’m emerging from the TARDIS into a whole other world.”

Steven Moffat, Lead Writer and Executive Producer, added:

“First the eyebrows! Then, at Christmas, the face! Coming soon, the whole Doctor. In the Cardiff studios, the Capaldi era begins.”

Accompanying the Doctor on his adventures will be companion Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman.

The first episode of series 8 has been written by Steven Moffat with the second episode penned by Phil Ford.  These are the first episodes that Peter will shoot and are directed by Ben Wheatley.

Ben Stephenson, Controller of Drama Commissioning, said:

“Excitement and anticipation fills the air as Peter Capaldi’s Doctor takes control of the TARDIS for the very first time today. It’s going to be one hell of a ride and I can’t wait for the journey to start.”

Charlotte Moore, Controller BBC One, commented:

“A new year, a new face, a new Doctor! 2014 has arrived and it’s Peter Capaldi’s time so let the adventures begin!”

Filming is taking place in Cardiff until August 2014.  Doctor Who is executive produced by Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin, and produced by Nikki Wilson and Peter Bennett.  It is a BBC Cymru Wales production for BBC One.

The Unquiet Dead

There’s a Doctor Who marathon on Space today, so I decided that I could “waste” a little time today revisiting old favorites.

When I turned it on, “The Unquiet Dead” was just starting, which is Season 1 of New-Who, Episode 3.  Within the first couple minutes I saw a very familiar face – Eve Myles from Torchwood!  I’d watched the episode when it originally aired, and didn’t realize she was another recycled actress.  By that (if you don’t already know) I mean that Doctor Who often reuses their actors within the series and spinoffs as entirely new characters.  Like Peter Capaldi!  She plays Gwyneth in this episode, which is really funny if you realize she plays Gwen in Torchwood.

The episode features the 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) and companion Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) with her first venture into history, 1869 to be exact.  This is another one of those episodes in Cardiff, which annoys me to no end.  All of time and space and he spends an awfully lot of time in Cardiff.

Either way, early on there’s signs of trouble in a theatre (a ghost, it appears) and the Doctor comes running.  The locals seem to be more interested in insulting his clothing than asking for help.  Meanwhile, his trusty sidekick manages to get herself kidnapped.  In chasing after her, the Doctor realizes he’s sharing a coach with Charles Dickens.  I love the awkward conversation with the Doctor gushing over Dickens.  It reminds me so much of the Who fangirls out there.  I know, I know, people think I’m one of them.  For the record, I’m not.  I just appear to be.

Rose finds herself in a room with a couple of walking dead (guess zombies have been around a long time), while the Doctor and Dickens arrive just in the nick of time.  In usual form, he talks to the ghost-like creatures, who leave the bodies.  Time for the uncomfortable conversation about what happened and the “dead” folks with Mr. Sneed, the man running the funeral parlor.

Now we’ve got a mystery on our hands.

Gwyneth and Rose have a little chat where they appear to be friendly, which gets weird when Gwyneth seems to see modern day Cardiff through Rose’s eyes and gets frightened by Rose’s future.  This is the first time “Bad Wolf” is mentioned.  Of course the Doctor catches the tail end of it, just in time to question her and suggest a séance.  Oh yes, because this seems like a good idea.

Sure enough, they make contact with the Gelth.  They said that they had bodies prior to the time war, but they lost them and became these unembodied creatures, trapped in a rift.  The Doctor says that Gwyneth can help them bridge the gap with the rift and use the dead bodies until they can go somewhere else.  Since Gwyneth grew up on the rift she has a connection with it.  They determine the weakest part is in the basement (the morgue), so they go there to open it.  Once the process begins, they reveal themselves to be truly evil and it comes out that they’re trying to take over the planet.

Rose and the Doctor find themselves trapped in the basement, while Dickens runs outside.  He realizes they are effected by the gas, so he shuts off the lanterns, turns the gas on full and draws the Gelth out of the corpses.  Gwyneth can’t leave or send them back, so she gets out her matches to blow the building and kill them.  The Doctor realizes that Gwyneth has actually been dead since the rift opened and has somehow remained herself, so he thanks her and runs, allowing her to destroy it all.

Once he’s out, he has to explain to Rose and Dickens what he believed happened.  It’s another one of those moments for Rose… the kind where she has to accept something that just doesn’t seem possible.

To wrap things up, Dickens is inspired to write the “truth”, and says goodbye to the Doctor and Rose.  They jump into the TARDIS and the Doctor explains that he’ll never have time to write his new stories because he’ll die first.  They head off to their next adventure while Dickens has a new outlook on life.

I know in the next episode they return Rose home, where she’s only supposed to have been missing about 12 hours.  Wouldn’t you just love to have that option?  To leave, have a marvellous adventure, and to return 12 hours later?  Now in reality it was an “oopsie” and it was 12 months, but still…

Too Much Who

Found this on Thought Catalog.  It’s all from New Who, has some issues, and is missing a TON of things (feel free to add them in the comments section) but it hits a lot of points dead on:

35 Signs You’ve Been Watching Too Much ‘Doctor Who’

1. You always think about eating fish fingers and custard, but never get around to actually doing it.

2. You’ll always know Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow and not as the actress from The Great Gatsby or An Education.

3. You’ve searched Etsy or eBay for a cute and inexpensive fez.

4. And Stetsons.

5. You try to incorporate “Allons-y!” and “Geronimo!” into conversations as best as you can.

6. You prefer men in bowties than actual ties.

7. Being around ANY type of statue makes you nervous.

8. You’ve told your significant other to dress up as a Roman soldier for role-playing activities.

9. You mourned the day Stephen Moffat left Twitter.

10. John Barrowman gives you so many conflicting sexual feelings.

11. You get an unexpected eerie feeling when you’re in a quiet and/or empty library.

12. You also get an unexpected eerie feeling when you see cracks on a wall or ceiling.

13. You have the opening theme song on your iPod or Spotify playlist and sometimes engage in interpretive dances to it.

14. “TARDIS Blue” is perfectly acceptable color description to you.

15. You know leather jackets or long overcoats are acceptable dress for any occasion.

16. You get giddy when you encounter a blue porta-potty.

17. You’re getting increasingly suspicious that iPhones are the real world parallel to ATMOS. WAS STEVE JOBS A SONTARAN?

18. You genuinely wonder why people would stay in modern-day London on Christmas Day.

19. You have a newfound interest in physics. Physics, eh? Physics. Phhhyyyysssicsss. Physics!

20. You try to buddy up to anyone you meet named John Smith. Hey, you never know.

21. The greatest pick-up line you know is: “Hello, sweetie.” Works like a charm.

22. You refuse to walk in shadows.

23. You admit that Love & Monsters was a really shitty episode and pretend it doesn’t exist.

24. You think Stormageddon Dark Lord Of All is a charming name for a baby.

25. The sound of tapping four times in a row is your worst nightmare.

26. You were PISSED when Tennant didn’t make an appearance at the 2012 Olympics. IT WAS SET UP SO PERFECTLY!!!

27. You now question the motives and intentions of all Prime Ministers.

28. You know never to turn left.

29. You wish Mark Gatiss was your sassy gay best friend.

30. You want to go to New New York on your next vacation (or, more realistically, the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff).

31. The entire sixth season nearly made you go to therapy.

32. You feel you have advanced knowledge of every historical figure that has appeared on the show (Madame de Pompadour, Vincent van Gogh, Agatha Christie, etc.).

33. You’ve gotten into EXTREMELY heated conversations with others about whom the “best” Doctor and companion are and will defend your opinions to the death.

34. You legitimately cried when you heard Tennant and Piper would be returning for the 50th Anniversary special. Tears. Of. Joy. Everywhere.

35. You Gallifrey. All day, every day.

Strax At The Doctor Who Experience

Commander Strax agreed to stop by The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff to answer questions from miniature humans.  This would have been fantastic to see live (how does he keep from laughing?) but I’ll have to settle for the video.