ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

You’ve been living under a rock or something if you haven’t yet heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  BUT… Did you know that one of our Doctor Who cast members has participated?  John Barrowman’s (Captain Jack Harkness) video made me laugh, and his husband’s outfit is quite… eye opening…:

He’s challenged David Tennant, and I have yet to see that video materialize.

Also, cosplayers are getting in on the action:

Charity T-Shirt

Proceeds from the sale of this T-Shirt go to Doctors Without Borders.  Available for just $11 until August 25th!


Good Deeds

Matt Smith is doing good deeds again.

Click HERE for the details.

Note: The video wouldn’t seem to work on my machine, but even if you can’t see that you can still read the story.

Oh, and if I’m ever on my deathbed please ask any of the Doctors to come and visit me.  If I get to meet them all I can die happy 🙂

Tea With The Doctor

How would you like to have tea at The Ritz with Matt Smith?  Personally, I’d love to, but I’m neither in the area nor do I have money.  If you have crazy amounts of disposable income to give to charity you might have a chance at this!  The beginning of the bidding has already started, and when I just checked the amount it was at £2055.00!

Here’s the description, copied straight from the website (and I’d like to point out that it’s “DOCTOR”, not “Dr”):

Fancy Afternoon Tea at The Ritz with The Doctor?
Dr Who! Matt Smith! Really? Yes!

You and a lucky friend could freeze time for an afternoon. Well, maybe not actually… but we’re sure you would want to, and it may very well feel that way, as you sip tea and sample delicious morsels of gorgeousness at The Ritz in the company of the current Dr Who, Matt Smith.

Matt will give you an exclusive glimpse of behind the scenes, with stories straight from The Doctor’s mouth.

How will he arrive? Tardis or not, definitely in style!

Auction Terms: Please note this auction is just the beginning…!
We are showcasing this item prior to the ‘Curious Night at the Theatre’ evening, where the auction will conclude.

This is a part-auction and does not comply with our usual Terms & Conditions. We will cease to take bids on this website at 11.10am on Monday 1st July 2013, and your bids will be transferred to the evening event.

Prior bidding on this website will entitle you to telephone the Auctioneer’s assistant at the time of the auction to make a best and final bid. All details will be confirmed by email following your bid.

A fund raising gala to raise money for Autism Charities…
‘A Curious Night at the Theatre’ will be held at the Apollo Theatre on 1st July 2013 at 8pm. All proceeds will be split equally between two charities – Ambitious about Autism (…Aand The National Autistic Society (…L

If you would like to attend the event, you can purchase tickets here…here.

We bring you this auction with special thanks to Matt Smith.