#SaveTheDay Clip

Another clip has been released!

Watch it HERE

And the TARDIS is getting bigger…

#SaveTheDay Clip

From The Day of the Doctor, a new clip!

Watch it HERE

50th Clip #SaveTheDay

For the Children in Need special.  Don’t watch if you’re trying to avoid spoilers.

The Science Of Doctor Who

Speaking of all the stuff going on for the 50th, here’s a clip from The Science of Doctor Who:

Clip Leaked?

There’s a rumour flying around the internet that the clip of the 50th Anniversary that was supposed to be aired at the Children In Need special has been leaked.  I haven’t seen it personally and NONE of this has been confirmed.  So nothing is for sure.  If you have any additional details please feel free to add them into the comments.

In the meantime, if you don’t want spoilers (in case it’s true) then stop reading NOW.

This is the rumoured content:

‘River and the Doctor are alone. Locked inside the TARDIS.

She tells him she never thought it would end like this. The Doctor tells her not to worry. She will not die here.

River realises that the Doctor has seen her death. She is shocked and breaks down. She pushes him for an answer.

His Answer


Rings of Akhaten Clip

On tonight’s brand new episode:

And (of course) the trailer: