Doctor Who Coins

These are beautiful coins!  I wish I could afford them 😦  If someone out there happens to purchase them, could you send us in decent pictures of them?  It would be great to see them in better detail


Barnes And Noble

…oh how I love thee…

Barnes And Noble

The Stuff You Find Online…

I was looking around to see what kind of interesting things I could find, and apparently there was a guy out there collecting underwear from female cast members.  Thankfully his site seems to be down now, although in my sick curiousity I kept searching to see if maybe it had just moved or something.  I couldn’t help it!  It’s just so *wrong*.

Although the website seems to be gone, I keep seeing this quote pop up on sites which were talking about him:

I first started collecting knickers in 1983 when at the Longleat Exhibition I was sold a pair of Janet Fielding’s underwear by a make-up lady. But let me be clear on this; there is nothing “perverted” or “weird” about my collection. We all collect things we like, and I find knickers more personal than an autograph on the back of a plastic cup.

To date I have ninety four pairs of knickers which I think you’ll agree is a wonderful achievement! I have built this collection up by begging, borrowing and on three occasions stealing. I like to write to female Doctor Who celebrities for items of their clothing and over the years it’s become pretty clear to me that the way to ask is to not refer to their “knickers” but their “feminine undergarments”.

People are *always* asking me if I have any men’s pants from Doctor Who. I’d like to make it absolutely clear right now that I am not a gay pervert. Lots of my very best friends are gay but the thought of asking for another man’s pants is frankly dirty. To this end I rather hope I’ve heard the last of one cast member who continually *insisted* on sending me items of his clothing.

 Now, I’m all for weird collections, but this one to me is just disturbing.  I suspect that this guy may just have an underwear collection and is saying that’s where he got them, but we can only hope.