As I said in a previous post, there were some issues with The Time of the Doctor which I chose to ignore.  Doctor Who TV has addressed some of these:

Matt Smith’s swan song emotionally affected millions of viewers on Christmas Day. However, was it the best tribute to a fantastic Doctor? This article looks at the plot points of Matt’s era that were hidden, invalidated, or disregarded altogether in his final episode.

“On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked, a question that must never, ever be answered. Doctor Who?”

In The Time of the Doctor, we see bits of a brutal war being fought on the planet of Trenzalore, and the one Doctor who had no choice but to stay on the battlefield. As the Time Lords yelled through the cracks the oldest question of the universe, Eleven refused to answer it, letting the battle for Trenzalore continue. This completely disregards the purpose of the truth field and the prophecy.

As we know from all the way back to The Eleventh Hour, the question will no longer be asked and ‘silence will fall’ if the Doctor says his name. If silence means the Doctor’s death, as he mentions in The Wedding of River Song, then silence never falls. The Doctor is saved by the Time Lords, invalidating the prophecy and rewriting fixed time. And when does ‘the fall of the eleventh’ occur? The prophecy implies that once Eleven falls, the question will be asked. The prophecy is also disregarded when the Doctor reveals that he is, in fact, the Thirteenth Doctor. In no way did this episode tie up loose ends from Series 5 and 6.

If the Doctor’s grave is not on Trenzalore, if he did not die in that battle, then Clara would have no need to enter his timeline and save him. Going off the notion that the battle ended once the Doctor killed everyone with his regeneration energy, this completely invalidates all of Series 7. There would be no more multiple versions of Clara, giving no mystery to solve. Since his timeline was altered due to the fact that he didn’t die at Trenzalore, it is crashing in on itself. He loses memories such as how to fly the TARDIS. This issue should hopefully be expanded on in Series 8.

The Doctor also allied with the Silence during the war, an enemy that he spent an entire series fighting. The Silence were minor plot points in this episode, an issue considering they are a part of the original prophecy (it is inferred that when the Doctor says his name, chaos will end and, more literally, the Order of the Silence will end, their mission fulfilled.) Considering how huge of a plot point the Silence were, to merely ally with them in the end was a huge, out of character cop-out for the Doctor.

In my opinion, the Eleventh era was defined by not only Matt’s amazing acting, but the fantastic storylines and gut-wrenching characters his Doctor encountered. In a utopia, these would come together in a perfect resolution for Matt’s final episode. However, I was disappointed by the cheap and easy way the loose ends were tied and angry to find much of the past 4 years disregarded or invalidated. This is in no way a discredit to his acting – Matt’s final performance alone caused me to shed a tear. The content itself seemed rushed and incomplete, though. The episode to me was a poor ending to a fantastic era.

Buffy Credits!

Love this!  I’ll admit it, I was a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan… Okay, okay, I still am.  I have the entire DVD collection staring at me from my movie cabinet right now.  So from a Buffy fan, this is just cool.





I could also add mannequins, Wi-Fi, ghosts, goo… you know what?  I could go on all day, so how about you guys just tack on what you fear in the comments!

Too Much Who

Found this on Thought Catalog.  It’s all from New Who, has some issues, and is missing a TON of things (feel free to add them in the comments section) but it hits a lot of points dead on:

35 Signs You’ve Been Watching Too Much ‘Doctor Who’

1. You always think about eating fish fingers and custard, but never get around to actually doing it.

2. You’ll always know Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow and not as the actress from The Great Gatsby or An Education.

3. You’ve searched Etsy or eBay for a cute and inexpensive fez.

4. And Stetsons.

5. You try to incorporate “Allons-y!” and “Geronimo!” into conversations as best as you can.

6. You prefer men in bowties than actual ties.

7. Being around ANY type of statue makes you nervous.

8. You’ve told your significant other to dress up as a Roman soldier for role-playing activities.

9. You mourned the day Stephen Moffat left Twitter.

10. John Barrowman gives you so many conflicting sexual feelings.

11. You get an unexpected eerie feeling when you’re in a quiet and/or empty library.

12. You also get an unexpected eerie feeling when you see cracks on a wall or ceiling.

13. You have the opening theme song on your iPod or Spotify playlist and sometimes engage in interpretive dances to it.

14. “TARDIS Blue” is perfectly acceptable color description to you.

15. You know leather jackets or long overcoats are acceptable dress for any occasion.

16. You get giddy when you encounter a blue porta-potty.

17. You’re getting increasingly suspicious that iPhones are the real world parallel to ATMOS. WAS STEVE JOBS A SONTARAN?

18. You genuinely wonder why people would stay in modern-day London on Christmas Day.

19. You have a newfound interest in physics. Physics, eh? Physics. Phhhyyyysssicsss. Physics!

20. You try to buddy up to anyone you meet named John Smith. Hey, you never know.

21. The greatest pick-up line you know is: “Hello, sweetie.” Works like a charm.

22. You refuse to walk in shadows.

23. You admit that Love & Monsters was a really shitty episode and pretend it doesn’t exist.

24. You think Stormageddon Dark Lord Of All is a charming name for a baby.

25. The sound of tapping four times in a row is your worst nightmare.

26. You were PISSED when Tennant didn’t make an appearance at the 2012 Olympics. IT WAS SET UP SO PERFECTLY!!!

27. You now question the motives and intentions of all Prime Ministers.

28. You know never to turn left.

29. You wish Mark Gatiss was your sassy gay best friend.

30. You want to go to New New York on your next vacation (or, more realistically, the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff).

31. The entire sixth season nearly made you go to therapy.

32. You feel you have advanced knowledge of every historical figure that has appeared on the show (Madame de Pompadour, Vincent van Gogh, Agatha Christie, etc.).

33. You’ve gotten into EXTREMELY heated conversations with others about whom the “best” Doctor and companion are and will defend your opinions to the death.

34. You legitimately cried when you heard Tennant and Piper would be returning for the 50th Anniversary special. Tears. Of. Joy. Everywhere.

35. You Gallifrey. All day, every day.