Tennant on Ferguson

David Tennant made another appearance on Craig Ferguson recently!

Pipper on Ferguson

Billie Piper (Rose Tyler, The Moment) was on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson last night:

Throwback Thursday

I laughed WAY too hard at this!  It’s Matt Smith’s first American talk show interview on November 16th, 2010.  He just kept digging himself into a hole…

Gillan Interview

Karen Gillan appeared on Craig Ferguson’s show back in April.  An entire interview and she says nothing 🙂


Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson were in a band years ago called Dreamboys.

You can read the BBC article on it HERE

Capaldi Interview

Craig Ferguson has known Peter Capaldi for a long time.  Here’s a partial interview from a couple years back where they touch about being in a band together.  (That’s right!):

Unfortunately the first part of this interview has been removed.

Smith Interview

Matt Smith recently paid a visit to Craig Ferguson: