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Into The Dalek Review

I’ve been travelling, and avoiding the internet like the plague in an effort to avoid spoilers for the latest episode of Doctor WhoInto The Dalek looked promising, and I wanted to try going into this knowing nothing, since Matt Smith’s cameo was a little spoiled for me in the premier.  I was successful in my attempts, which I feel made me enjoy the episode more.

From the start, I felt that the Doctor was more Doctor-ish, more alien.  I found myself really enjoying that aspect.  (I was also reminded how far the special effects have come, but that’s a whole different thing)

“Fantastic idea for a movie.  Terrible idea for a proctologist.”

HA!  All this, and me getting giddy over a Scottish accent even before the title sequence rolled.  Seriously, when the Dalek appeared I instantly knew were this was headed (not that the title didn’t give us a clue) and got very excited.  I know this was basically stolen from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, and it’s not the first time the Doctor has been shrunken, but into a Dalek just sounds so interesting.

Although I managed to avoid spoilers for the most part, I already knew a bit about Danny Pink… but mostly just that he existed and would have something to do with Coal Hill.


Right away we found out that he was a soldier and that he has regrets.  We can also see that he’s incredibly socially awkward, at least when it comes to Clara.  It was very well done, as I found myself cringing on his behalf.  Clara handled it beautifully, which is something I’d expect from the Doctor’s companion.

“You’re not my boss, you’re one of my hobbies”

So, a good Dalek, you say?  I was intrigued.  After all… well… that’s new.  Lets just explore inside, shall we?  If you thought the inside of a Dalek wouldn’t be fraught with danger then you’re probably delusional or have never seen an episode of the show before.  I did find this part a little dull.  Being attacked, finding the problem, fixing the problem and then the Dalek turning back to its evil self was all expected.  Capaldi was still fabulous to watch though, and I loved seeing more of the dynamic between him and Clara.

The old Doctor is still there.  The lets-wing-it Doctor, except he’s even more open about not having a plan.  Yet again he lets someone sacrifice themselves for him, but he basically hands over control to Clara.  He’s using her now as his conscious, but he’s also trusting her to wing it too.  She’s proving herself to be more than capable of that.

What I didn’t see coming, was the Dalek seeing the immense hatred within the Doctor.  I didn’t see it turning against it’s own species, and I definitely didn’t see it leaving with the rest.
“I am not a good Dalek.  You are a good Dalek.”
That was an excellent moment.  It’s a reminder that as much as we’ve been shown the new face, that the old hatred is still there.  He doesn’t just hate them, but he hates himself a bit too.  He has regrets, and those regrets haunt him.  I think the bit about him not taking the soldier was due to the fact that the Daleks are soldiers.
And of course the episode wouldn’t be complete without another appearance of Missy and “heaven”…

Dalek Bread

Mmmmmmmmmmm Dalek bread…


Halloween Is Coming…

I know we don’t want to think about this, but we’re only 2 months from Halloween!  If you’re planning on dressing up, you still need to have time to order your costume (if that’s what you’re doing), get your accessories together, and make it awesome.  Right?

So, you want to be a villain this year?






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