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Poor Moffat…

That’s right, poor Steven Moffat.  He seems to put his foot in his mouth often, a lot like I do.  His latest ‘blunder’ was saying that the Doctor (more accurately, the actors that play him) are “not conventionally good looking”.  Personally, I don’t think I agree, as I can think of a few photos I’ve featured that look pretty attractive…



Celebrities Visit Broadway - May 21, 2013



…and that’s just New Who, and only a sampling.  Back to topic, though, I know what he was getting at.  If you just saw a photo of one of our beloved actors and had never seen him as the Doctor (or as anything else) you’re not likely to drop your pants and scream “take me”.  He just said it in a way that made people overreact, and click baiting turned headlines into something they weren’t.  Moffat takes a lot of crap as a rule, but this was just silly.  It did make me giggle though.

Doctor Who TV gave him a chance to defend himself, and I love that they’re using this photo… I’m totally using it every chance I get:


Steven Moffat has attempted to clear up comments that hit the headlines the other week when it was reported that he said that all the Doctors were ugly.

Speaking in his latest DWM column he says: “Ah, all the things I’ve never said. I could write a book, full of words I never wrote. I’m used to a foot in my mouth, but on the whole I’d prefer it was my own.

“The other morning I woke up to several online newspaper editions announcing I’d called all the Doctors ugly. That one set me blinking. As you know, I am an icon of male beauty (dear Man In New York, we Brits call that a joke), but that seemed a bit off.

“A quick investigation – it turned out me declaring that the Doctors were all “not conventionally attractive” (my own ripped physique allows me such imperious judgements) had been lightly processed into the kind of clickbait that means you have to email your friends.

“Ho hum. Just another day’s blundering. And sometimes, in my paranoia and embarrassment, I wonder if I’m just making everybody cross all the time. I used to do that socially on an individual basis, but now every screw-up goes viral. My epic lack of tact has been weaponised!”

Where Are They Now?

People often wonder what happened to their favorite characters after they left the show.  I’ve put together a little list with some updates for you.  Didn’t I promise we’d keep you occupied during the break? 😉  This is by no means a complete list or anything, but it’s just to give you an idea of what’s been going on with them in case you wanted to seek out a project of theirs.

William Hartnell (1st Doctor):

Deceased – April 23, 1975

Patrick Troughton (2nd Doctor):

Deceased – March 28, 1987

Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor):

Deceased – May 20, 1996

Tom Baker (4th Doctor):

Official Website

Official FaceBook Page

Mr. Baker’s latest appearance was in the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, but he’s also been working on Big Finish Productions audio books.

Peter Davison (5th Doctor):

Mr. Davison has been on Law and Order UK.  He’s also been working on Big Finish Productions audio books.

Colin Baker (6th Doctor):

Official Website

Official Twitter

Mr. Baker has been busy!  Not only has he been working on Big Finish Productions audio books and making the rounds with conventions, but he’s also working on movies.  Since being in The 5-ish Doctors Reboot, he’s since done Shadows of a Stranger, A Dozen Summers, is now filming Finding Richard and is going to be in The Mild Bunch when it starts filming.  Wow!

Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor):

Official Website

After appearing in The 5-ish Doctors Reboot, he appeared in The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug.  Next is Quest: A Tall Tale, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, When the Devil Rides Out and The Seventeenth Kind.  All of those upcoming projects are in post production, so we should be able to expect them soon.

Paul McGann (8th Doctor):

He too was in The 5-ish Doctors Reboot.  Since then, he appeared in The Bletchley Circle as a guest appearance, and The Pit and the Pendulum: A Study In Torture short is in post production.  He’s also been doing some Narration in things like Apples, Pears and Paint: How to Make a Still Life Painting and France: The Wild Side.

Christopher Eccleston (9th Doctor):

Although most people know he was in Heroes and Thor: The Dark World, he’s also appeared in Lucan, Fortitude and will soon be appearing in The Leftovers.

David Tennant (10th Doctor):

Where to start!  Okay, so he’s been on Broadchurch, and appeared onstage in Richard II before we saw him again in Doctor Who.  He’s been keeping busy since then though.  He’s had a reoccurring role on Gracepoint and WIA, but he also has upcoming roles in Postpam Pat: The Movie and What We Did on Our Holiday.  Useless Trivia: He’s also a big Firefly fan, which just makes me love him!

Matt Smith (11th Doctor):

I know that he *just* left Doctor Who, but he’s already filmed Lost River (previously titled How to Catch a Monster) and will also be appearing in the upcoming Terminator movies.

So that’s a basic update.  Please feel free to add anything in the comments section that you know of that I didn’t include.



Good Deeds

Matt Smith is doing good deeds again.

Click HERE for the details.

Note: The video wouldn’t seem to work on my machine, but even if you can’t see that you can still read the story.

Oh, and if I’m ever on my deathbed please ask any of the Doctors to come and visit me.  If I get to meet them all I can die happy 🙂

11 Doctors

Can anyone draw the additions into this picture?


Doctors Celebrate!

Multiple Doctors gather during the 50th anniversary celebrations!

Tom Baker (4th), Peter Davison (5th), Colin Baker (6th), Sylvester McCoy (7th), Matt Smith (11th)


I was actually quite surprised David Tennant wasn’t there.

It’s Not Safe!


A New Strax Field Report

Oh how I love these!  It makes me laugh that the BBC official website won’t let me view them (not available in my country), but wait a couple hours and they’re on another site 🙂


This is not the way I feel about snow…