Vote For Your Favorite Patrick

In honour of Saint Patrick’s Day, vote for your favorite Patrick.  Just click HERE to get to the poll!

By the way, as of the time of writing this, Patrick Troughton was losing to Patrick Stewart.

Barrowman Hits NYC

It appears John Barrowman has been hitting New York City for ComicCon!  His photos look very familiar to many I took in June (even though my response to his Pippin post said May – sometimes I get confused on my dates).


And apparently he’s going to see Pippin tonight.  Yay Broadway!


John Barrowman and Scott Gill at Don Giovanni’s on 44th between 8th and 9th.  Mr. Barrowman says this is their favorite pizza place in NYC:


At the 9/11 memorial (been there too, it’s an experience):


At The Stonewall Inn


He even did Karaoke!