Coleman 2 Biscuits + 1 Cup of Tea

I notice she’s calling herself Jenna-Louise Coleman here

Mary Poppins

or Clara…


Name Change

Apparently Jenna-Louise Coleman has decided to drop “-Louise” from her name.  She will now be known as Jenna Coleman.

There has been no official release, but she was introduced to the Queen earlier this month as Jenna Coleman, and press releases now list her that way as well.  From what I’ve read, all future credits will be listed this way as well.


Well the current women, anyway


Zombie Apocalypse Team


Smith On Coleman

A quote from Matt Smith talking about Jenna-Louise Coleman.  Obviously he said this before deciding to leave, but it was actually right after she started on the show.


Let The Speculation Begin

Since even before the BBC announced Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who, speculation has been in the works regarding who would be the next Doctor.

Matt Speech

Sky Bet is giving odds on the 12th Doctor – everyone from Neil Patrick Harris to Emma Watson to David Tennant!  Seriously?  First, they won’t be able to use an actor that’s already appeared in the series in an iconic role.  No River, Jack, Rose, ect.  We already recognize those people and there are rules about crossing your own timeline in such a fundamental way.  I also have trouble seeing the BBC using a well known actor for the role.  After all, you won’t want your new Doctor already being thought of as Harry Potter or something (and yes, Daniel Radcliffe IS on Sky Bet’s list).

There’s a lot of talk about the new Doctor being cast as a woman. I’m all for equal rights, but even as a woman I have to say no on this one. I really think it’s a bad idea. But, like everyone else, I’m stuck trusting whatever is decided. Matt Smith grew on me, and I wasn’t so sure about him in the beginning either. That’s mostly because I loved David Tennant though.

RadioTimes is reporting that the announcement for the new actor could happen next month, “before the Doctor Who Christmas special begins filming next month”. I was under the impression that the Christmas special had already been filmed (at least Smith’s parts) and that’s why he was able to cut his hair.

Matt Smith Banana

I guess we’ll see for ourselves soon enough. In the meantime, here’s a quote from Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara, for anyone that doesn’t know the name) regarding Matt Smith leaving:

“I could not have imagined coming into the show without Matt as my Doctor, holding my hand, really, quite literally. I totally lucked-out in having a creative, generous, clever, and lovely fella to work alongside day after day.

I feel so privileged to have been part of Matt’s reign, to have to been companion to what is and what I think always will be one of our greatest Doctors.

He is so in love with the show, he works tirelessly hard, surprises me every day, always creating and discovering something new about the Doctor. A true gent, a leading man and a very special friend.

I know it will be a very difficult goodbye for me, but I for one can’t wait to see where his career takes him next.  And of course with the same welcome I was brought in with, I look forward to welcoming the next Doctor. BUT it’s not over till it’s over. See ya at the big 5-0!”

Matt Smith Physio