Barrowman At MOMA

John Barrowman is on his way home from NYC, but before he left he had a chance to hit up the Museum of Modern Art.  Does the painting look familiar?


Who At Radio Times Exhibit

Radio Times is celebrating its 90th anniversary with an exhibit at the Museum of London from Friday, August 2nd to Sunday, November 3rd 2013.

Each section of the exhibit will be showcasing a different time frame, but because of the long running history with Doctor Who… Well, the show will get its own room!  In addition, the exhibit will be free.  Oh how I wish I could go 🙂

On a side note, I was planning to research this a bit more and post some links.  Unfortunately, we’re in the middle of a storm and my internet connection will not stay up and running long enough.

Moving Statue

Okay, just ONE more post!  Mostly because I forgot to put this up yesterday.  Come on, you’ll miss me soon enough.  I’ll be gone all next week.

So the Manchester Museum has a statue which has started moving by itself after eighty years.  Conspiracy theorists say it’s a hoax, skeptics say it’s vibrations, and panicky Whovians say it’s coming to life.  You can read the whole story HERE, but in the meantime, here’s the time lapse video: