Fish Fingers And Custard

Still posting!!

Okay, so maybe you’re prepping for a Doctor Who themed gathering right now.  I’m sure you have all your essentials, like bananas and jelly babies and the like.  You know, all those whovian-friendly foods.  I’m sure you’ve even considered fish fingers and custard, but may have ruled that out because… well… ew.

Prepare for a last minute grocery run.

What Matt Smith actually ate in that famous episode was coconut fingers and custard.  You can find all kinds of recipes for coconut fingers online (like this one!), and if you can’t find custard in your area (it’s not readily available where I am) you could use some instant pudding.  Snap, done, easy.

So what are you still doing here?  You need to get to the store before my next post!

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