Say Something Fan Video

This one just about did me in…


This is just so sad


The Time of the Doctor – Behind the Lens

All right, this made me cry… Something about grown men getting a little weepy just does me in:

On A Personal Note…

My grandfather died today.  For various reasons I’m not able to head home until tomorrow (but I still need to pack), from which time you probably won’t see much in the way of posts from me.  I’ll be busy with family stuff and that sort of thing.

“Life is pleasant.  Death is peaceful.  It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” – Isaac Asimov

Don’t feel too bad when you read this.  He was well into his 80s and this isn’t a surprise for us.  Besides – I’ll see him again someday, of course, when the Doctor asks me where I’d like to visit (I’ll go see him when he was young).  I won’t interfere with things because I know how messy time travel can be.  If I can’t (due to some fixed point in time or something) just remember: