Cindy Lou WHO!

Available today only!  For those of you purchasing for me for Christmas…

Cindy Lou WHO

Only A Couple Hours Left…

… for these awesome shirts!



Christmas is Coming…

For the geek girl in your life, you may want to consider something like this:


And for the record, I’m a geeky girl… and since you’re here, I’m in your life… so… ummm…. yeah…

Sonic Peeler

Now I’ve seen everything!


10th Doctor T-Shirt

I want one!


Silence Figurine

Okay, so I was shopping (browsing since I can’t really afford anything) and came across this in the sale items… I laughed really hard.  All I could think was “Cool! It’s like you have a new figure every time you see it, because you’ll forget about it as soon as you look away!”



Halloween is coming!  Our friends at HalloweenCostumes have some new Doctor Who items in!  This is also a good time to get your cosplay items as there’s more selection 🙂