More Singing

It’s been a musical kind of weekend.  In this clip, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill treat attendees at ComicCon 2012:

Barrowman’s Version Of “The Wizard And I”

We’ve already seen Arthur Darvill’s version of Let it Go, but did we forget about John Barrowman’s (Captain Jack) version of The Wizard And I:

Another Darvill

Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) again, in Once, The Musical.  I absolutely love this one too!  Wow, just… wow:

The Great Musical Darvill

This REALLY makes me wish there had been tickets available for Once The Musical when I was in NYC and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) was there.  I’d have loved to see this live:

Smith in American Psycho

As of yesterday The Daily Mail is reporting Matt Smith will be starring in a musical version of American Psycho.  I’m not sure I’d believe it, but here it is:

Doctor Who star Matt Smith appears in a new  guise today – as the star of a musical that transports him back to the  Eighties.

Over the weekend he was  shooting his  final scenes as the Time Lord for the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Today he begins rehearsals for a musical  version of Bret Easton Ellis’s controversial novel American Psycho, about a Wall  Street serial killer. It starts at London’s Almeida Theatre in  December.

The 30 year old actor is the eleventh  iteration of Dr Who. The twelfth will be Peter Capaldi.

Smith begins rehearsals today (Monday) for a  musical version of Brett Easton Ellis’s controversial novel American Psycho  about Patrick Bateman a fictional 1980s Wall Street investment banker who  engages in twisted, sick, sadistic, misogynistic fantasies involving rape,  mutilation, torture and cannibalism.

‘It’s a damn difficult role to pull off and  Smith has charm and the acting chops to do it’, a source close to the production  told the Daily Mail.

Barrowman Old Videos

From last year, but I still laugh at it

And here he sings “I Kissed A Girl” while wearing heels.  He obviously doesn’t know the song but it’s fun to watch him lose it!