Final Jeopardy

I understand this was tonight’s final jeopardy clue

Final Jeopardy

Matt Smith Interview With SFX

SFX landed an exclusive with Matt Smith talking about everything from the new stamps to 50th Anniversary to his costume and more.  Check it out!:

Matt Smith

Doctor Who Stamps

The UK has released a set of Doctor Who stamps.  Not just the various incarnations of the Doctor that have been put into stamp form, but even some villains, like the Weeping Angels (does that mean we can’t blink around the mail?).  Apparently the majority of them are available only in the UK, but some of them are available online for the rest of us:

Doctor Who Stampset

You can also get your letters stamped with special postmarks if they are sent from the home towns of each actor that played the Doctor.  I’d like to take a little trip…  Perhaps someone would be willing to send me a letter from each town with that actor’s stamp on it?  Just think, a letter from Northampton with a Matt Smith stamp and a Matt Smith postmark, for example.

You can see more details as well as a photo gallery of the launch here:

Stamp Release