Doctor Who Is Coming To The Big Screen

That’s right!  Deep Breath, the Series 8 premier, will be coming to theaters August 23rd, 2014!  Exciting, right?  It won’t be in 3D and locations haven’t yet been announced, but it’s coming.  More details will be shared as soon as we know them.  In the meantime, I’m going to block off that day in my calendar.

More Theatre News?

Could Doctor Who be coming to a theatre near you… again?

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This is It!

Remember how I’ve been looking for the Into that Strax gave in the theatre?  This is it!  This also includes the skit with Matt Smith and David Tennant.

Updated – found a better copy 🙂



For those of you who saw The Day of the Doctor in the theater, you’ll remember the little pre-show.  Strax gave us the little lecture about our phones and then the back and forth.  Has anyone seen this online?  I was hoping to see it released since the theaters aren’t playing it any longer (mine isn’t, anyway).

Box Office Numbers

Variety has posted results from the live theater presentations of The Day of the Doctor in the UK.  I’d like to see numbers on  the total, including other countries and the alternate viewings (like the one in my city on Monday).  This is a start though:

LONDON — The 3D theatrical screenings of the special 50th anniversary episode of sci-fi drama “Doctor Who” earned £1.8 million ($2.91 million) at the U.K. box office, which is a European record for alternative content.

“The Day of the Doctor,” which was screened on Saturday by 440 movie theaters in the U.K. at the same time as the episode aired for free on the BBC, was the third highest-grosser over the weekend, after “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Gravity.”

The “Doctor Who” gross broke European records for alternative content, David Hancock, head of cinema at research company IHS Screen Digest, told the Financial Times.

“That’s the sort of number that’s going to get people’s attention, including other TV production companies,” Hancock said.

Alternative content in U.K. movie theaters will generate around $32.3 million this year, Rentrak said, which will rep 2% of the forecast $1.78 billion in U.K. box office this year.

More than 1,500 movie theaters worldwide screened the “Doctor Who” special at the weekend. According to Rentrak, it took $204,000 in the U.S., $317,000 in Germany, and $30,700 in Spain, among other territories.

The 50th In The Theatre

I watched The Day of the Doctor when it aired, like everyone else.  My local theatre in my small Canadian city didn’t do a live showing, so I had to settle for seeing it on TV.  The theatre decided to have a showing last night instead.

They had NO idea what they were in for.

Hours before the showing, there was a huge lineup outside.  The tickets had sold out, and they’d added a second showing at the same time (which also sold out quickly).  More people than not were dressed in full costume, and sonic screwdrivers were more the norm than not.  It was fantastic.  I’ve never been so proud of my little city.  Inside, we compared sonics, discussed knitting the 4th’s scarf and were generally friendly with complete strangers.  Once the show started there was cheering, screaming, gasping, clapping and even some crying.  I’ve never been to a showing that’s been so lively.

I wonder if this is what ComicCon feels like.

I’d love to hear about everyone else’s experience!

Tennant Interview

I knew there must be a good reason for that hair…