Casting Rumors

Casting rumors make the rounds every so often, so I don’t put a lot of stock in them.  The current rumor is that Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald) will be leaving the case of Doctor Who at Christmas.  My understanding is that it was The Mirror that broke the story, but I’m not putting in much stock of it being true.

However, the idea has been gaining momentum, for several reasons.  Clara’s main draw was that she was “The Impossible Girl”.  With that story arc complete, she’s served her purpose.  How much more can be done with her without it feeling as if she’s dragging on.  Companion roles typically aren’t as long as a Doctor’s role.  There are also rumors swirling around that Peter Capaldi may only do one season or two seasons.  If Coleman were to leave at Christmas, the Doctor would be without his usual companion (which is the norm) and then could get a new one before regenerating.  The other thing that’s been making people talk is Coleman’s Twitter account.  She’s been a little active on there lately, and Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) became active on Twitter right around the time that she left Doctor Who.

Draw your own conclusions.  For me, it’s more of a wait and see approach.  Opinions?

Darvill’s Photo

Arthur Darvill tweeted this photo from the stage at Trafalgar Square:


Apparently there was a Once – The Musical performance there today 🙂

McGann in TARDIS

Paul McGann posted this to his Twitter account, and the world just needs to see it


Series 8 Villain

Spoiler alert, assuming you believe rumors!

From Doctor Who TV:

The Master has been rumoured to return in Peter Capaldi’s debut series for a while now, and now a certain actor very familiar with the Whoniverse may have let it slip.

According to attendees at a recent Newcastle Film and Comic Con panel, the 7th Doctor himself Sylvester McCoy claimed the Master is indeed back, but it won’t be John Simm in the role. McCoy didn’t reveal who exactly had been cast, but apparently said the actor in question is “very scary”.

With only tweets to go on, you’ll want to take this with a pinch of salt. You also have to question why McCoy, someone not even involved in the current production, would be so careless as to reveal it publicly given the usual BBC security around spoilers. It’s equally possible McCoy could just be reading into previous rumours or joking around.

Assuming there’s more to it, the name coming up frequently has been veteran actor Charles Dance. As usual whether there’s anything in this remains to be seen…

Feeling Good…

It always makes a person feel good when William Shatner returns a tweet 🙂


Things like this just remind me why geeky fandom is the best kind!

Group Picture

From Zachary Levi’s Twitter (yep, on a kick today)


First Photo

From Karen Gillan’s twitter:

1st pic of Matt and I in character was released 4 yrs ago today, but, I have the real one..from the 1st camera test