Say Something Fan Video

This one just about did me in…

Drunk Girls Reaction

These girls post videos of themselves reacting to Doctor Who episodes after drinking copious amounts of liquor.  Personally, I’d rather watch the episode sober to enjoy it and I’d definitely not want to put a video of myself out there, but to each their own!:

Throwback Thursday

I laughed WAY too hard at this!  It’s Matt Smith’s first American talk show interview on November 16th, 2010.  He just kept digging himself into a hole…

Clara And Danny

Apparently Clara and Danny already know each other from Emmerdale 🙂


Good Deeds

Matt Smith is doing good deeds again.

Click HERE for the details.

Note: The video wouldn’t seem to work on my machine, but even if you can’t see that you can still read the story.

Oh, and if I’m ever on my deathbed please ask any of the Doctors to come and visit me.  If I get to meet them all I can die happy 🙂

Matt Smith Art

This time lapse video is just AMAZING and I wish I had this kind of talent