The Doctor’s 49th Anniversary

The Doctor’s 49th anniversary came and went on November 23rd.  Unfortunately I was travelling (the old fashioned kind, not in time and space) and wasn’t able to write about it.

Of course Anglophenia couldn’t let this go by, and so here is a personality quiz designed to see if you could survive as the Doctor’s companion.  Just click through the quiz, answer the questions and see if you’ll survive.  My results suggest I’d be a wonderful companion, or at least a living one.

SFX also did a nice writeup on all of the different incarnations of the Doctor.  People who worked with each actor wrote the text so they were very nice and all from different perspectives.  I found it to be a nice read.

I’m not really a sentimental person but I do remember watching Tom Baker on an old black and white TV with my uncle as a child.  The show has imprinted itself in my memory and will always have a special place for me.  I’ve never really let that go and every time I watch now it just makes me happy.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 50th!

Christmas Special 2012 Preview

I’m so excited!  The trailer for the 2012 Christmas special is here!


AND a bonus preview!


How exciting!!!

David And Peter

I hadn’t watched this in a while, ran across it and thought “I need to share this!”.

Tik Tok Parody


The Usual Suspects

The Doctor(s) as the usual suspects: